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Matrice 600 Pro/A3 Flight Controller Issues
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I have a Matrice 600 Pro. One of my compasses was not functioning so I replaced it. Now in DJI Assistant 2, it shows both the newly replaced GPS and GPS #2 blinking. I attempted to also replace the IMU as well, but the new unit will blink white -> Blue -> Off. My DJI Assistant 2 also has a hard time picking up the M600 Pro Module. It will only show the LightBridge 2 Module.

After this, I put the old IMU back into place but IMU#1 is blinking Blue (x2) and IMU#2 is blinking blue (x3) whats the difference in blinking codes? Any help would be appreciated.

9-9 06:48
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Hi Zentech,

See page 29 on the M600P User manual ... _Manual_v1.0_EN.pdf

ATTENTION: GPS-compass antennas are blink-coded 1-2-3 in the factory. Before to install them, check their code-number connecting them to the Flight Controller and count how many times the Status LED blinks.

9-21 10:09
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