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My drone disconnects
1972 3 2019-9-9
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Hello everyone! So today I was flying my dji spark. I had flown it literally 10 feet away from me and probably 3 feet in the air. Next thing I know, the whole aircraft disconnects from the controller. I got a grey screen and a message saying that the aircraft disconnected. I was so confused about what was going on. Luckily RTH kicked in, but it didnt really matter considering my drone was only a few feet away from me. So my question is, why did my drone disconnect from the controller only a few feet away from it?
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DJI Tony
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Hi, we're sorry about the problem that you have with your aircraft. This scenario may occur when the aircraft experiences interferences within the environment or if the remote and aircraft are not running the latest firmware version. We would recommend flying the drone in an open area wherein with enough GPS signal to avoid disconnection problem. Aso, ensure that the firmware of your unit is up to date to maximize the usage of the drone. May you please always have a safe flight. Thank you for continued support.
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Are you around with a lot of interference, that is the problem with wifi connections? ocusync would rarely have a connection problem.
2-7 13:39
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If you are close to a running motor, generator or power lines etc, this might have weakened the signal to cause the disconnect. So move in the direction of the Mavic and it just might reconnect. Check Remote Controller Antenna Direction – Are the antenna facing in the correct direction
2-26 21:19
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