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Light bridge 2 issues
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Hi all
We have built a large drone and used an A3 flight controller and Light  bridge 2 downlink paired with a Zenmuse hd camera and gimbal.
Our issue is extreme video lag to the tablet. If we use just the fpv  camera its fine but when using the Zenmuse the lag gets longer and  longer as the flight goes on, upto 12 seconds by the time i land. if the  drone is on the ground it doesnt lag at all, ive had it sitting there  for 30mins connected and zero lag, its only when it flies. we have tried  both apple and android high end tablets.
-Q1  Does the LB2 thermaly throttle as we have it enclosed, but it is in a large enclosure
-Q2  Why doesnt it do it when stationary on the ground
-Q3  Why doesnt the FPV lag when the HD is 12seconds behind
-Q4  The instructions show different options than the app has, why?
Starting to get frustrated as we purchased DJI for the reliability and quality, we also have a P3 adnvanced and a Mavic pro both great machines.
We dont Fly by the video feed but we need it to position the drone once it reaches the spray zone.
other than the video the A3 is great, stable and flies like a dream for over a 25kg drone.
9-10 23:44
Use props
DJI Mindy
Flight distance : 7 ft

Hi Nigel, sorry for the late response, please check the answers below about your question:
1.  Sorry that we didn't get this question, may we have more details?
2. The Lightbridge 2 uses 2.4G radio communication and is easy to be affected by the surrounding environment during flight. Please make sure you fly in the open area without interference.
3. The transmission bandwidth of the FPV picture is small and not easily interfered.
4. Which instruction are you referring to?
9-19 01:41
Use props
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