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Samsung s9 s10 android pie adaptive brightness issue
147 1 9-13 10:37
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Flight distance : 94498 ft

No matter what i do when switching off adaptive brightness my samsung s10 android pie,when i load go4 adaptive brightness activates even when switched screen goes darker in shade,and bright when in the light,i cant stop adaptive brightness!!any one help?pulling my hair out here
9-13 10:37
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Flight distance : 814751 ft

I bought an S9+ because of the brighter screen than my J7. It was a bad idea. The problem is the curved screen edges and screen reflections. Soft buttons also coincide with drone buttons.
During my experiments, I set the phone to basic (not adaptive) and lowest resolution. The adaptive light is also off.   I believe this stops the screen brightness from being over ridden by go4. See what you think. It doesn't make the screen more visible though.
9-15 23:30
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