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Next meetup? Hiller Aviation Museum perhaps?
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Flight distance : 210226 ft

A friend of mine organizes a monthly drone meetup at the Hiller Aviation Museum, on Tuesday evenings.

He's open to having a Robomaster S1 battle at the event. I can get more details from him.

I figure the Hiller museum is a nice midpoint for people from San Francisco and the Peninsula.

I can get access to a large hangar space on Treasure Island as well.

And of course, the robot romper rooms at Nvidia Endeavor sound really interesting!

Any thoughts?
9-17 10:03
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DJI Stephen
Super Moderator


Hello and good day gpvillamil. Thank you for reaching out and for sharing this information here at DJI Forum. I hope that this meetup will have a lot of participants. Thank you for your support.
9-17 10:18
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I would be up for it (anywhere, really). In any case, having large obstacles for the battle probably make it more interesting:

9-17 11:39
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Second Officer

I'm actually not enamored with the concept of another "RC Tank Battle".  It's fun for sure, but I really want some S1 doing autonomous functions that we humans would have to deal with.  

We need two critical features for this:  Autonomous Firing allowed with both Laser and Gel Bead, and Laser and IR Hit Detection allowed from Scratch / Python (so we can develop the Autonomous Programs indoors!).

Even so, count me in, we still have some bugs to investigate in the default modes.  And we'll report them.

And we really Team Play Mode in the App too!
9-18 09:15
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