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There are some problems with Hyperlapse
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So i think some of you may have noticed that the new Hyperlapse option is buggy.Sometimes the video is cut short..sometimes the frames captured are too little so the video turns out to be extremely fast and also there is no option for d-cinelike.If you change to D-cinelike from the mimo app while prepering to do a hyperlapse the image looks preety bad..unusable.
Please DJI could you forward this to the development team for a later firmware update?thanks!
10-5 01:27
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I've had no problem with hyperlapse except in windy conditions on my m2p. The only issue I have is that the video is only full hd and not 4k or full res Pics as with timelapse. It has been said that filming in 4k and then speed it up to give you hyperlapse which may be better but more work and bigger file sizes. Moving the gimble in hyperlapse will give you jerky footage. I suppose this is another dji work in progress.
10-5 01:48
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Hello and good day greekGod. Thank you for reaching out and for these information you have shared with us. I will cascade these thread/information to the designated DJI department. Thank you.
10-5 07:34
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I've only done one. It was of a TV show I was watching but looked good to me.
10-5 18:20
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I have done three so far and each one was cut short? Hope it is fixed soon.
But on the otherhand it was attached to my scooter with one of those suction cup mounts, its a cheap one and it bounces about a bit.
I expected the hyperlapse to look bad. But it was really smooth, looks great. really happy with it. But then cut short.
10-10 15:37
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