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Scientific research HGH and DHEA
608 1 10-21 04:04
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So is anyone going to try DHEA and HGH, given recent research? Personally, these studies have impressed me very much, I think I will start using HGH myself, since I am already 43 years old.
10-21 04:04
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I'm 50 and have taken HGH off and on since i was early 40's. I had quit for a while after reading about rapamyicin and was taking that and meformin. I was worried that the HGH was increasing MTOR which may be detrimental to longevity. After reading this study im back on the HGH with metformin and dhea. I do feel good. HGH gives me a nice feeling of wellbeing. I had forgotten how good. I take 2iu daily. The study has a higher dose(would be 4iu based on my weight) but only doses 3 or 4 days a week. I recommend reading more about using HGH here
10-22 03:24
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