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Follow Me mode in GO4 vs. Litchi using CrystalSky.
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I have a problem with getting a GPS device fix for my 5.5" CrystalSky when using GO4. A good GPS device fix is essential for Follow Me to work
In GO4, the mobile device(CS in this case) is shown as a blue circle. That blue circle takes ages to appear in map view, and if and when when it finally does, it is extremely laggy to update it's position as I move/walk while holding the CrystalSky/controller. So I am unable to use Follow Me mode effectively in GO4.

Now here's the thing. In Litchi for CrystalSky, Follow Me works like a charm, because the device position is accurately and instantly updated in the map view as I move.

The problem has to be with the GO4 app. The CrystalSky system firmware is common to both apps.

Please note I am talking specifically about the CrytalSky GO4 and Litchi apps, and not the phone or tablet versions

Has anyone else experienced this? Any informed help greatly appreciated.
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Had same problem earlier with Crystalsky and Dji Go4, i couldn't activate Dynamic Homepoint because of weak gps-signal, very annoying when traveling on a boat.
Didn't try with Litchi at that time..
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I think that DJI abandoning CS might not be a total loss.... the only loss is by DJI with potential future customers....

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