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P4 RTK firmware update for Base v02.02.0014
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Does anyone have a workflow for upgrading the firmware on RTK base to the latest- Base v02.02.0014?As per previous firmware updates Id plugged the various items into pc ,gone through the upgrade process ( 1 to 5 times depending on dji and how the upload went.)
All reported ok success including RTK base and that below were the current versions.
  • Controller ver 02.02.0014
  • RTK base
  • P4 2.02.0011.

However they didnt work together and then the base stayed on and could not be turned off,comms on and off,lose position, basically the system was useless.
After trying everything I knew, I gave up and I've downgraded all items back to old firmware version and things have now  started working again.

The DJI app shows that the version on base is  current at .0012  but I was advised on friday by DJI melbourne that there is a newer version-evidently hiding somewhere- at 0014.
They further advised it had to be done via the controller which I tried but with zero success.
Can anyone help me please?

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Man I feel your pain. I put message on this forum weeks ago asking same thing but no one seems to know. My base is currently on 12 and I can't find any way of upgrading it to 14. Why do they hide it?  
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to solve this issue I suggest to follow the following thread:

Anyway I copy here my own post:

Hi there,

last week I was able to upgrade the D-RTK2 Mobile Station Firmware from version v02.02.0012 to v02.02.0014. In the next days I will test the new features described in the "PHANTOM 4 RTK Release Notes" document. ( ... tes_en_20190916.pdf )

I did the firmware upgrade using the DJI GS RTK app, because DJI Assistant 2 (v.2.0.8) is only able to upgrade up to v02.02.0012.

The procedure to follow is the same (with the appropriate changes) to upgrade the firmware of the aircraft and of the remote controller described into the "Phantom_4_RTK_User_Manual_v1.4__EN" (page 68 - Upgrading the Firmware).

1. Power on the remote controller and the D-RTK2. Ensure that the remote controller has access to the Internet.
2. Connect the USB-C port on the remote controller to the USB-C port on the D-RTK2 via a USB-C OTG cable and a USB-to-USB-C cable.
3. There will be a prompt (Device Firmware) on the lower right corner in the DJI GS RTK app if there is new firmware. Tap the text to enter firmware page.
4. Tap the Check button.
5. Under "D-RTK 2 Mobile Station" tap Update to enter firmware information page and follow instructions to download and install the update.
6. After successfully completing the update, restart the remote controller and and the D-RTK2 manually.

Good upgrade to everybody !

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mbuonanno Posted at 11-5 03:40

to solve this issue I suggest to follow the following thread:

thank you so much.
my problem solved.
11-5 11:21
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mbuonanno Posted at 11-5 03:40

to solve this issue I suggest to follow the following thread:

Thank you for assist, coincidentally DJI support in Melbourne-coleby- came through with below
I just updated a Phantom out of the box.

To get the latest updates they had to be all done through the controller, when the controller is connected to Wifi or 4G.

Firstly I updated the drone and controller as high as possible in DJI Assistant.
Then when checking on the controller, it said new firmware available and I first updated the RC firmware before continuing to the others.
You need to plug the OTG cable into the controller, then the USB C cable into the mobile station, also to update the drone to the latest firmware as well, but with the micro usb cable.
Sometimes they take a bit of time to show up as connected on the controller, as the drone needs to delink from the controller first.
RC: 02.02.0014
Aircraft: 02.02.0011
Mobile Station: 02.02.0014

From DJI support

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