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Spark Range and obsticales
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I was wondering what your experience is as far as how much obsticales interefere with the Sparks range?

Specifically forrest and trees, since i often fly in parks. SPot one i have a field infront of me so the angle is persumabley better than spot 2...

BUT how much of a difference does it make in real life if i start close to trees or away from trees? Does it make ANY measureable difference on the distance it will fly?
whats your experience?

flight direction sideways.jpg

flight direction.jpg

11-9 06:51
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As soon you have green "stuff" between RC antennas and bird, it is interfering.
The main problem is: You may still see the bird, vlos, but you have the RC 30-40cm more down, so the RC has already the treetop in the "LOS"
If your position is at 1, and you are flying the path 2------>, it really is a question about how high your drone flies and how high the trees are.
Pythagoras gives you an idea:
Distance from 1 to first tree plus height of the tree, that gives you the minimum angle for your bird.
And tells you how high you need to fly, in case you wanna get 200m or 500m behind 2
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I found that the trees block the signal between the RC and the Spark, especially if you are in position 2; at least in my experience
11-9 16:04
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Simply imagine a laser beam from your RC to the AC, if something breaks the beam there's going to be a problem.
11-14 07:38
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