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Possible explanation - sudden motor shutdowns
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About a year ago i purchased an M210 RTK - version 1. I let it sit for months before "activating" it, and enjoying an afternoon of test flights with TB50s and no external camera (no problems). Then i let it sit for months in anticipation of choking up the cash for an XT2. I did get an XT2 and only recently purchased a couple sets of TB55s, meaning i once again had to do a little testing just to make sure these very expensive batteries were functioning properly.

Since I do not yet have the battery station that accomodates the TB55s (in order to discharge them) and I know this thing will be sitting again for quite some time I've been discharging the batteries for storage by simply turning on the aircraft - and that takes a long time when you're not flying.  It occurred to me to run the motors - without the props mounted, of course, to expedite the discharge a little bit; and that meant using the controller.

After just a few minutes with the motors running they suddenly stopped WITH NO INPUT FROM ME and I saw that the radio controller was now showing the "CANNOT TAKE OFF" message.  I switched off the RTK link in order to re-start the motors - something I had already done in the first place in order to engage the motors without the RTK system.

I don't if the mysterious crashes that I've read so much about in the last year could be attributed to this - I assume this would only be an issue for the M210 RTK - but if my aircraft had been in the air when this happen it would certainly be catastrophic.  I might very well overlook that "cannot take off" message while pouting over the wreckage. The controller was the Cendence, which was part of the package.
11-10 15:03
Use props
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