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Possible explanation - sudden motor shutdowns
376 1 2019-11-10
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Second Officer
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United States

About a year ago i purchased an M210 RTK - version 1. I let it sit for months before "activating" it, and enjoying an afternoon of test flights with TB50s and no external camera (no problems). Then i let it sit for months in anticipation of choking up the cash for an XT2. I did get an XT2 and only recently purchased a couple sets of TB55s, meaning i once again had to do a little testing just to make sure these very expensive batteries were functioning properly.

Since I do not yet have the battery station that accomodates the TB55s (in order to discharge them) and I know this thing will be sitting again for quite some time I've been discharging the batteries for storage by simply turning on the aircraft - and that takes a long time when you're not flying.  It occurred to me to run the motors - without the props mounted, of course, to expedite the discharge a little bit; and that meant using the controller.

After just a few minutes with the motors running they suddenly stopped WITH NO INPUT FROM ME and I saw that the radio controller was now showing the "CANNOT TAKE OFF" message.  I switched off the RTK link in order to re-start the motors - something I had already done in the first place in order to engage the motors without the RTK system.

I don't know if the mysterious crashes that I've read so much about in the last year could be attributed to this - I assume this would only be an issue for the M210 RTK - but if my aircraft had been in the air when this happened it would certainly be catastrophic.  Under those circumstances I might very well overlook that "cannot take off" message while pouting over the wreckage. The controller was the Cendence, which was part of the package.
Use props
rwynant V1
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If the motors are spinning, and there are NO Props on the motors,  there is very little amp I believe the system shuts off the motors since there is NO reason for them to run with no props.....OH, and it's not taking off with no props, hence the warning message.

Use props
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