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Spark Motor Failure
175 3 11-13 23:40
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Flight distance : 896 ft
United States

Spark motors cut out apx 150 ft above ground, satellites was only around 7... should not have flown, but will having not enough satellites cause motor failure...cracked an arm on crash.
11-13 23:40
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First Officer

United Kingdom

Some things to consider:

The Spark has a history of losing connection with the flight battery, some attribute this to the unsuitable small fixings on earlier manufactured batteries, DJI claim its users not fixing the battery correctly before flight.

What were the weather conditions?  The downward facing sensors, VPS, will perceive a layer of mist as a solid object, eg the ground. In such an instance the Spark may interpret this as a crash condition and shut the motors down.

The number of available satellites and those in use should not cause the Spark to shut it motors down. As the Spark (unmodified) uses two constellations of satellites, GPS and GLONASS, seven satellites is actually quite low as ideally it should acquire a minimum of six from each constellation, but in the event there are insufficient satellites the Spark would revert to ATTI mode and still be easily controllable.

An upload of your flight log will allow those versed in its interpretation to help give you a more definitive answer for your unfortunate failure.


11-14 00:09
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Ben Mason
Second Officer
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United Kingdom

Yeah, we would need to check a flight log to confirm what happened. It's unlikely your GPS had anything to do with your motor failure. You can upload the txt log from your phone to here.
However it would be better to extract the .DAT file from your spark using DJI assistant 2 or the .DAT from the MCDAT folder on your phone and uploading that to google drive, the DAT file gives a lot more information, more specifically it gives a lot of data on the motors.
11-14 04:04
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DJI Tony
Super Moderator


Hi, we're sorry to know about the mishap that happened to your drone. We highly recommend syncing your flight records and contact our support using the link below if you wish to send the aircraft for evaluation. The warranty would depend on the outcome of the investigation and warranty period of your unit;. Thank you for understanding.
11-14 08:13
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