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Mavic Pro video weird vibrations
391 0 2019-11-17
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Flight distance : 1670 ft



The vibrations start at around 0:43.

I was flying my Mavic Pro the other day and suddenly the video started shaking weirdly as shown in the video linked above. I checked the gimbal and it was unobstructed and the rubber thing was properly under all the three tabs. The temperature was quite low (-1 C) and it was pretty dark. Could these have caused the issues shown in the video? Or do you think there might be some other reason?

The IMU was calibrated on the day before on a flat and level floor and the compass just before flying. I also suspected the wind to cause this but it didn't stop by changing the place or flying lower. During the vibration, I tried to focus the camera multiple times, which took pretty long (I'm also thinking if the cold weather could have affected the focusing system). The vibration only happened while hovering the drone in place, not during moving around.

Thanks in advance!
Use props
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