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Mavic 2 Pro Choppy Video - 64 GB Samsung U3 EVO Select
198 2 11-21 08:37
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This is driving me CRAZY. I've been getting nothing but choppy video from my Mavic 2 Pro recently. I have a Samsung U3 EVO Select 64GB memory card, which to my knowledge is good for any video. Video is choppy in both 4K and 1080p recordings. If it's not the memory card, what else can make a video choppy? It's choppy in Final Cut X while I'm editing, and also in the final published video after all is finished rendering.
11-21 08:37
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Can you share a short unedited file and the same file edited?

It is probably not the card that is the issue.
There might not even be an issue at all (except for the viewing experience on your mac)

The obvious reason:
- Too fast shutterspeed
But my guess is that you have already covered that.

11-22 00:28
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Hi Montfrooij - Here is a link to the choppy video example  .  The edited video lags in the same fashion. After testing the video on different devices, it may have been my computer all along (2018 Macbook Air). Watching on my iPhone XR does not lag. I've done a software update on my computer videos seem to lag less now. Still a bit of a chop every 10-15 seconds but nowhere near as bad as it was before. The good news is that the final footage shouldn't be choppy on most devices, it was just my computer. I'm not sure why my Mac isn't handling the footage as it is meant to be able to handle both 4k and 1080p footage.
11-23 21:15
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