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My Mavic Air falled from the SKY! Anyone explain why?
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Yesterday while I fly mavic air, it suddenly stop working and falled from the sky and unluckily hit my sister and dropped to the snow. (luckily she protected her head with her hands and no serious harm. Two propellers broke and I don't know if it is working now or not. It is waiting in rice now in case of get water inside)
Weather was calm, little bit foggy but no raining or snowing. Temperature is around 0 Celsius.
This happened for the first time in last 4 months I start using it. I really wonder why this happened? I got the flight record and sharing them as well. Can anyone interpret this values?
Before the drop, I see that it gives motor obstracted error but what could be the reason for this error? Just before it stopped, I feel something is wrong with ti because it was shaking in air and I started to bring it down but it stopped suddenly
I really believed in DJI quality until this happened and I don't know how can I fly it anymore especially over lakes and seas Hope I can fly it again with the trust I have before.

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Hi Salim, we are sincerely sorry for the crash accident, hope your sister wasn't injured. If the drone is still under warranty, please contact our support team to start a ticket and send in the drone for the data analysis, our team will help figure out what happened.
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a simple check would be to inspect the propeller mounts.  Take the props off and set them aside then holding each motor one at a time, try wiggling the mount that is screwed to the motor, checking to see that all three of the little screws are present and tight for each motor.   I am not a DJI professional BUT I do have experience with a similar issue.   Except the first error was "Motor Overspeed Fault" and about 20 secs later it was spiraling from 'elevation' down into the middle of a Salt water bay in The Philippines.  After 3 weeks of sending divers for it, they recovered it.  The fault was obvious, one of those mounts because loose and came off.  Phantoms don't fly very well with 3 motors.  Maybe, they have a vibration safety switch which if something gets off balance it shuts the motors down.  I would hope that you would have more warning than that.
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