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Drone lost, drone not in GPS location
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Costa Rica

Today I had a heartbreaking accident as I lost my DJI Mavic Air ;( Return to home wouldn't work and the drone crashed away from me. I managed to locate the drone on the map and we did go there to collect it. I'm not in my home country so I couldn't take my car but hire a locat taxi which was very expensive. We arrived at the location where the GPS signal was and I searched for it for a long time, walking in and around the GPS location but the drone wasn't there. Even worse, I don't have all the videos from the SD card but the most frustrating is that even though the location was on the map the drone wasn't there. I looked at multiple tutorials, looked at my flight log and we did all we could but still no success.

Is here any way the videos can be retrieved? And most importantly, why GPS failed to show the location of the drone? Is this not reliable? Please help me. Thank you
1-14 10:34
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DJI Stephen
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Hello and good day Celina_Celina. I am sorry for read and to know what happened to your DJI Mavic Air. I would recommend you to contact our DJI support team for us to be assist you with regards to this matter at . Again I am sorry for the trouble this has caused you and thank you for your understanding.
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