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Trip in Europe - Austria
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For my wok I will spend some time in Austria.
It is a beautiful country and I would like bring my drone there.

I saw some website requesting permit depending to the joules and insurance. I would like a feedback from people who are leaving or went in Austria.

Is the Mavic Mini need a permit?
Same question for the Air?
If both require the permit, how much it is cost for the weekend/week?

How and where could I buy the insurance?

Thanks for your feedback.
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This page should help you -
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Flight distance : 21362 ft
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Hi. Thanks.
This website i know it.

- Insurance is mandatory, but how to buy it?
- and for the permit: ere are the permit requirements for flying a drone in Austria:
A permit is not required to fly a toy drone. A toy drone in Austria is defined as “up to 79 joules kinetic energy, which corresponds to a weight of approximately .55 lbs (250 grams), at an operating height of 98 feet (30 meters).”
A permit from Austro Control is required “if 79 joules are exceeded or if the drone is flown above 98 feet (30 meters).”

So doesnt it mean the Mavic Mini need also a permit? because the mini allow to fly over 30m?

Does anyone went or live in Austria?
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DJI Stephen
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Hello and good day JeromeM. Thank you for reaching out and for the inquiry. I hope that you will get the best recommendation and best feedback with regards to this matter from our valued DJI co pilots who went and brought there DJI Drones in Austria. In addition, I will be posting a link where in you can check locations in Austria where in you can freely fly your DJI drones or if a certain location is a No Fly Zone ( ) and a link where in you can some DJI Fly Tips as well ( ). Thank you.
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