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Sedlec Ossuary - Kutná Hora - Czech Republic
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Filmed with Osmo Pocket and iPhone 11 Pro Max. For a long time this has been a film with commentary. I might also like to create the film in English. Now I have a big request. Could someone of you check the English comment from Google Translate and correct it if necessary.

Kutná Hora developed in the 13th century through the dismantling of silver fund offices to the richest and after Prague to the second largest city in today's Czech Republic. Over 40,000 people were buried here in this cemetery. But why? In 1278 the abbot of the chapel traveled to Jerusalem and brought earth from Jesus' supposed crucifixion site and scattered it in the cemetery and made him holy earth. This supposed shortcut to Heaven's Gate triggers a real funeral tourism. People from all over the area, even from Bavaria, Poland and the Netherlands brought their deceased relatives here. Old chronicles read that around 30,000 people were buried here during the great plague in 1318 alone. In the 15th century, a two-story church building was created on the cemetery. Most of the dead were exhumed during construction and stored in the basement of the church building. Since then it has been used as an ossuary. In 1784, Emperor Josef II started to dissolve the monasteries. - also the monastery in Sedletz. To this bizarre jewelry piece is the sedletz of the Ossarium, but it was only after 1866 that the princely family von Schwarzenberg was bought and the Bohemian wood carver sold. Not Wood, but a large part of the bones that were used to decorate the chapel. The remaining bones, at least around 40 cubic meters, are buried in the ground of the cemetery. One day end up as part of a church's interior decoration? None of the people buried here would have imagined that. The ossuary is now one of the most popular tourist attractions in the Czech Republic

1-24 14:07
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