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Best Footage Mavic 2 Pro, Australia (Part 2) #My2019Highlight
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Second Officer
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Hey guys
I created a previous video which a lot of people seemed to like so here is part 2
Bit about me. I am a video and photography ethusiast that just does it for fun. I am still learning how to fly and shoot / edit cinematically. Last year I did a bit of flying around Australia, mainly my local area's or a few hours away. I plan to do more videos this year!

Some tips that I can share with you that inspired me to create this video:
  • Play around with lower resolution and higher fps. This was used in the slow motion scenes. Remeber high resolution in some scenes isnt always the best. In the slow motion scences of me walking in the sunset was done with Active Track at 2.7k and 50fps. Upscaling that to 4k isnt much of a high noticable different in quality but provides nice smooth slow motion when slowing down and looks cinematic
  • Change your perspectives and experiement. Top Down, circles, tilting, with a focus point
  • Add some hyperlapse to, to change the mood. The same style of shots get boring quick
  • Think about transitions before you shoot. Think how can this shot look cool with another shot? What can I do? Example. You see the slow motion ducks flying away off the pier as the drone approaches slowly. I did that first. Then thought. It would look cool if I can then switch to me running or walking in the same pier after the ducks flew off
  • Edit to the music. Dont edit the music to the video. Pick a song first before you cut the clips in editing. I like to think of it as the clips are moving and dancing to the music
  • Add sound effects to enhance the mood and make the user feel more immersed in the scene
  • Most of all. Have fun!

Anyway take care!! and thanks!

2-9 02:49
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United Kingdom

Stunning footage,  well captured.
2-11 01:29
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United States

Stunning footage. That boat looks like the same one I flew over a few weeks ago.
2-12 12:25
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Stunning work, nicely done. Thanks for sharing  
2-14 04:16
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United States

Very nice work!
2-14 13:35
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Flight distance : 5352231 ft

Amazing footage. Thanks for sharing
2-16 07:58
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