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Feature Request Mavic 2 - DJI Go 4 App
167 2 3-22 13:41
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Sky Chief

United States

In landscape photography -on the ground & aerials- it is often necessary to auto bracket multiple stops -especially when there's a wide tonal range like sunset above a dark forest. I can specify a very wide exposure bracket range on my DSLR, but there are tighter limits to Auto Exposure Bracketing in Go 4 App.
Is this an appropraite forum for DJI Feature Requests, or can that only be done through the DJI Support Portal?

I would like to see a wider bracket range option in the Go 4 App via a firmware update -if possible.

Also, sometimes it is better to bracket shutter speed over aperture, as focus changes with aperture adjustment.

I have used Go For App AEB feature, but it is not always sufficient for the tonal range in certain settings.

Instead I have used the camera controls in the app, but they are not quickly accessible for action scenes like using the AEB feature.

3-22 13:41
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First Officer
Flight distance : 458596 ft

I agree with you, Sky Chief. The range between shots should be variable and the bracketing in speed, not in diafragma change.

Please DJI, can you do this in an software upgrade?

A lot of photographers who value the Mavic pro 2 would be very happy in having a better AEB feature.
3-22 17:36
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DJI Natalia


Hi there, thank you for your feedback, I will forward your suggestions to the related team to consider it.
3-23 04:29
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