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the camera doesn't line up in the middle. its faces to the side
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the camera doesnt sit or face in the middle. Its sits facing towards the right . so this is very difficlut to get video is some spaces. I have sent the drone into dji 2 times for this issue. but its never been fized. I am tired of sending it back. is there some kind of setting that makes this happen
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Matthew Dobrski
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Q1. Did you performed gimbal calibration procedure?
Q2. If so, how much off heading line (in degrees) the gimbal is pointing?
Q3. There's a gimbal straightening option in Go4 app, which you can assign to C1 or C2 button on RC. Does it delivers desired gimbal position?

If gimbal calibration doesn't produce acceptable results, manual alignment is necessary. Unfortunately this can be done by authorized technician only.
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Use props
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