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CrystalSky and DJIFly
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I don’t understand why the Crystalsky doesn’t work with DJI Fly application.
I really want to use with my Mavic Mini and now I want to buy a Mavic Air 2 but it useless too.
Can you do something?
It’s a total dealbreaker for me to buying the Mavic Air 2 without the Crystalsky.
5-6 19:08
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Unfortunately we were duped. I have the Crystal Sky 5 inch model and paid just about $600. Those who got the larger models like the 7 inch one paid anywhere from $1000 to $2000. I feel really bad for the ones that paid $2000 for the untra-bright model.

In my case, DJI told me that this computer would be compatable with all my DJI drones as I am sure you were told also. This is not the case.

This is an old story as this topic is filled with a lot of other people that are complaining about the same thing.

I have grown to understand that DJI does not really care if you have an issue or spent all this money. I have learned my lesson that this is a foreign company that does not have the same customer care that we are used to.

The only thing you are going to get from DJI is "So sorry, our engineers are working on it, we will get back to you"  There's a new line out there that they are using a lot now "We will bring this to our engineers for future models" Like this is going to do you any good with your model and make you feel better.

The sooner we realize that DJI is not an honorable company, the better we will all be.

I am truly sorry for your plight as we are all in the same boat. Like I said before, my wife bought me a Mavic Mini for Christmas that is still in the box as I wait for DJI to finally release the SDK package so that companies like Litchi will support it. That's the only way I can use the Crystal Sky with it. Sad but true!

5-17 05:23
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