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Gimbal Drops With Added Sun Hood
570 1 2015-6-16
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After flying the P3 a couple of times I started to notice that sunlight was having a huge effect on my pictures so I went looking for the cheap/easy solution. I found this sun hood on thingiverse which I thought would work really well. The posted video looked really nice!

I printed it off and attatched it, re calibrated the gimbal, but now when I start up the P3 I see the gimbal point straight ahead like normal.. then it drops to straight down... back to straight ahead... repeat.

I quickely turned it off and removed the sun hood which allowed the gimbal to work like normal again (thank god.... I was worried I broke it). Just wondering if I am missing a step, or if attaching things to the gimbal (even something light) is a really bad idea. Could it simply be that my calibration didn't work correctly with the extra weight?

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I had this same issue with third-party petal lens hoods purchased for both my Inspire 1 and my Phantom 3.  On both aircraft, I found that flying at speeds above 10 mph could cause the gimbal to act erratically. I realized the petal filter was adding too much wind resistance to the camera lens and the added force was too much for the gimbal motors.  Fearing I may damage the gimbal, I have suspended using these petal filters.  Also, on the petal filter I bought for the P3, which was obviously printed on a 3D printer, all the little circular ridges inside the petal filters would tend to reflect sunlight up into the lens causing weird flashing - sort of like seeing prop shadows but these were bright reflections instead of shadows.  So, no more petal sun hoods for my Phantom 3 or Inspire 1 camera lenses.   
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