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Osmo Pocket as a Face Tracking WebCam ?
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Is there a way to use the OsmoPocket as a face tracking webcam? Logitech had such a camera a while back (~15 years) , but it failed quickly and the tracking was not always reliable.

6-23 19:26
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The short answer is currently no with no plans to do so unless you find a way to do it yourself.
There are currently no apps that can grab the video feed from the Pocket other than the Mimo app and that app does not work with the Pocket as a webcam.
This has been asked for time and again but so far nothing. I don't think it will ever be implemented in this version of the Pocket unless a developer like DigitalCamControl manage to do it.

6-24 00:13
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DJI Stephen
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Hello there JB63. Thank you for reaching out and for these information you have shared with us. I am sorry to say that the DJI Osmo Pocket is not advisable to used as a webcam. For the FaceTrack function of the DJI Osmo Pocket. The maximum distance of FaceTrack is 2 meters and the maximum distance of head-and-shoulder track is 5 meters. The size of different objects is uncertain, making it hard to estimate the exact distance. The initialization box is required to be no less than 1/10 of the screen size.FaceTrack is enabled automatically if a face is detected in Selfie mode. FaceTrack captures every move of your face. Head-and-shoulder track is a sort of FaceTrack when the camera is facing toward the user. Head-and-shoulder track captures every move of your head and shoulder. Thank you for your support.
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