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External Hub IPAD 11 GEN 2
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I just purchased the new Ipad 11 Gen 2 and was hoping to use all of its capabilities. Charging the Ipad during use would not be the ultimate goal BUT would be a nice option. I would like to connect a hub to the Ipad and connect the transmitter to the hub. Basically using the hub as a pass-through. Then connect an external battery to the HUB so the Ipad can charge IF I need that option. I would also use the HDMI on the HUB to connect the Ipad directly to a TV being used as an external monitor. Because of the use of the HDMI cable, I think that external charging would help battery life on the Ipad. The HUB's I've tried do get a little warm so I know it is consuming battery power from the Ipad. I can wirelessly mirror the Ipad now but sometimes it's a little laggy and it requires an internet connection on the Ipad and TV. The HDMI picture running straight to the TV from the Ipad 11 Pro is incredible using a fiber optic cable and there is ZERO lag. This video option is much better than mirroring OR using the mini HDMI connected to the Inspire 2 or M600 transmitter. I have purchased two additional hubs that allow charging and highspeed date thru the port that seemed to have all the requirements but nothing is working. I have tried connecting the radio to one of the USB 3.0 ports using an adaptor hoping the DJI radio would see it as a data port but NONE of the DJI apps or 3rd party apps recognize the radio. NOW we just need to figure out what type or brand of HUB that will work "if any". Has anyone tried this? Have you had any luck? If so can you share?
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