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Big problem with the DJI Inspire 2 X7 Camera
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Maybe I'll introduce myself first. My name is Pawel Sudol and I have been a licensed drone operator for 8 years. I have a lot of experience behind me. If any of you know the Europe From Above series on NationalGeographic, I was responsible for the photos in my country, the same for Planete + Poland from Above. Abroad, the recently popular series is: 18 Wheels Across Vietnam, USA, Indonesia, Africa and Route 66. If someone from the administration looks at my email address, there will be evidence in your internal database;) Now I will go to the topic about Inspire X7 .

DJs INSPIRE 2 together with the X7 is a drone that I owe a lot, but I also lost a lot. Mostly nerves. The dji service in Germany always claims that it is the fault of the operator. The first exchange was over a year ago.

The drone had a cracked engine mount, no fall, plain material fatigue, it was a breeze. It was stated that I certainly had a fall with this drone, even though the logs did not indicate it. Since I needed a drone so much, I agreed. I got Refublished versions. Despite the difficulties, because I got a scratched camera (X7), they finally replaced it with a supposedly new one (but it was also refublished)
Here, after a few months of Flying, more problems appeared (6 months ago). The drone did not detect lenses, I often had problems with the range, as if there was no range on one side of the drone, and then there were problems with the non-folded landing gear. I sent the drone back.
Another decision was probably my fault. I got a photo about disconnected antennas, because it was the time of COVID19 and I just got a job in this difficult time, the drone was very necessary for everyone. I paid for the CARE upgrade again, I got refublished versions again.

Now the drama begins.

The drone did not cooperate with me from the beginning. Despite this, I worked on what I have. I could not disappoint the TV stations that I have to send the drone back for service again. The main problems were:

1. Again undetected lens: I had to turn the drone on and off several times to detect the lens. After several restarts of the drone when it detected. It turned out that the previously set video parameters were reset to factory settings (NTSC) again by switching to settings. Imagine the faces of the film crews who see me fighting a DJI drone. Managed to ! I can make a flight.

2. Now let's change the lens from 16 to 50mm - the same as in step 1 is repeated. After a few restarts it detected the lens. This time, luckily, he didn't reset the settings. We fly!

3.Disconnecting the range in this drone by acc. me too fragile antennas is normal and each of you have come across it.
The last problem was, apart from detecting the object, the days of the matrix behavior in the X7, the recordings showed as if digital vibrations in the material, and twice the material was recorded in purple, the preview was the same.

4. I have 5 SSDs, One of them was throwing errors while recording. I never intend to cheat on anyone, although I was told that the disk according to the DJI service is functional, after several months of telling them that it does not and I have no reason to lie to them because I still have 4 disks and only the error appears on it: dropframe. It turned out after 3 months that I was right and there was a mistake.

5. I will not write about crystalSKy, everyone knows how they work, but when he works on a large film set for Netflix, a director or operator, he is not interested that something is jammed, for him such equipment is unacceptable, recently I almost lost a large contract after my DJI CIMENA COMBO PACK X7 set for over $ 20,000 - stopped working with me. Look, I don't mind if professional gear costs 40,000 and I just ask them, he deserves to be called professional. As operators, I understand and understand that the equipment breaks down, but I ask you - we want to work on it, let the service also have a professional approach to such a customer. I understand that you have thousands of small drones on the site. I can pay an additional pro subscription just to be on vacation, when all the film sets are working, I have to rent drones because mine has been in your SERVICE for over one month! .

In Poland, I run the largest drone group (Drones Polska) and read what is going on here. I know that there is no other brand like you with such an offer. But for God's sake - take us seriously.
Currently my only source of income for 10 years is drones.

CAS-4635171-T0L5R0 - Inspire 2

CAS-4659908-Q3D4X8 - X7 and 4 lens

CAS-4227860-N8L9T2 - SSD

As this message writes - the DJI I2 X7 drone is still on the service center germany ... they will probably offer me a refublish again - I wonder what will come to me this time ...

(I'm not a top student of English - I helped myself with google translator, I corrected errors)








7-29 04:56
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Very sad to read this....

As I see the numerous pictograms you have on DJI equipment and your flying distance, I would expect you get a DJI personal account manager to help you with this issue...

7-29 09:40
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DJI Natalia


Hi Pawel, I'm sorry to hear about the difficulties that you encountered. I will forward your concern to the related team, our team will diagnose and test the products carefully. At the same time, I've manged to get your ticket number, our team is following up on your case via email and will reply to your email soon. If there is any further assistance needed, please feel free to let me know. Thanks.
7-29 20:32
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