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2270 3 2015-6-20
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Someone, somewhere (so many forums, so little time!) posted a web site the other day. In wading through my notes I found it again, more or less by accident. If you haven't done so already, take a peek at

I don't know who's responsible (I intend to make a donation) but someone has done some serious effort to help with our pilot logs.

The site will apparently use either .txt or .dat pilot log files. I didn't do anything with a .dat file, but I did experiment with a .txt file. If you don't already know - FLYxxx.DAT files are pilot logs that are found ONLY in the internal SD card in your Phantom 3. To my knowledge, they are ONLY accessed by entering FLIGHT DATA MODE. To do so, tap on the Flight Mode icon, select Advanced Settings, then Enter Flight Data Mode. You will be prompted to connect an appropriate cable between the front USB port on the Phantom 3 (beneath the logo on the front) and your PC/MAC. This will allow you to download any of the resident .DAT files on the internal SD card (I think the card is actually epoxied inside your Phantom, so there's no other practical way to access the data).

Pilot log files in the .txt format will be in your mobile device. I'm using an Android device - specifically a Samsung Galaxy S5 and here's how mine works:

Connect the device to my PC (appropriate charging/USB cable)
S5 shows up under "computer" as an external device
Open to read files
Select Phone (my options are CARD and PHONE - all I have on my SD card is music!)
Select DJI folder
Select DJI.pilot
Select FlightRecord

And voila! There are the flight records. They look like text files (with a .txt extension) but they can't be read just by clicking or tackling them with Notepad. I would assume you could clear out the old data, execute backups, whatever - I'm leaving mine alone for the time being. Manipulate your own files at your own option/risk!

Copy some of these files over to your PC/MAC, hopefully identifying where you're putting them! And then wander over to for a peek.

There's an UPLOAD button. Select that button and navigate your way through your PC/MAC to where you temporarily stored those logs, select one and let the utility process it. When the processing is complete, you'll have the option of downloading three different files:

Comprehensive CSV
Flytrex CSV
Google Earth KML

The Comprehensive CSV file will be a 137-column comma-delimited file that can be examined with Excel (and other programs?)
The Flytrex CSV file is a 14-column comma-delimited file as well. A lot smaller than the comprehensive version, but still a lot of data.
The Google Earth KML file - I *think* you can fire up Google Earth, load this file and see ---- dunno! I haven't used Google Earth in a long time. I suspect, at a minimum, you could see the track of that particular flight.

You can obviously examine the contents of the two different CSV files (Excel, OpenOffice, etc.) or you can visit yet another web site: - and load the appropriate file and display a lot of info on the map - like your track, horizontal speed, vertical speed,  altitude, etc. It's a very pretty presentation - kind of like looking at a plane cockpit overlaid on a map. Well done.

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Whoa!!! Just tried it, incredible! Thanks for sharing
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Hi :-)

Where and how do I get the pilot log files? I`am a Apple user :-)
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Republic of Lithuania

boisalten Posted at 2015-6-21 22:30
Hi :-)

Where and how do I get the pilot log files? I`am a Apple user :-)

Upss, a little to late, but maybe someone on iOS will need it:

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