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Planning a video
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Have you noticed, most videos here are flyarounds?I have done many myself and whilst this isn't a criticism, what about attempting something with a start, middle and end that tries to convey a sequence of events and the feelings of the people involved?I was asked to shoot some drone video of a restored miniature train, here on the Island.

Yes, you guessed, a straight-up, pan a bit and perhaps track the train and land. Job done!
Why not plan the shoot so that it has some entertainment value.
Here is my rough plan, basic notes so I captured the things that I needed:-
Intro about main train and now it has a little one.
Cab view.
Low level close to wheels shot.
Switch to little train.
Little train coming out of shed. Not done, I arrived early, but not early enough. Bad planning.
People buying tickets.
People boarding train.
High level shot of train leaving station.
Low level shot up at passing train.
High level shot of train approaching drone at curve.
Train pulling into station.
People alighting the little train.

I had visited the location the day before and practiced, the flight. The wind was gusty so near the sea and would be worse the next day. Low power cables at one end of the track presented issues, as did tall bushes and small trees.
It was important to avoid the drone flying over people.
I concluded the drone work would be very limited and I would need to place more reliance on a still camera in video mode.
I hate music on videos, seldom is it right, so I decided to use ambient sounds. I filled in the silent drone shots with sound taken from discarded video camera clips.

Here is the result.   

OK, it isn't on a par with a James Bond movie, but it is food for thought, if you want to produce something other people might want to watch.
Good luck


DJI_0678 Miniature train track map.jpg
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United States

Those are good ideas.  I have a couple places I want to fly and record.  Your ideas area good starting point.
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United Kingdom

Thanks for sharing
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United Kingdom

Great ideas there.   I liked the video too.
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