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Data or WiFi required?
668 2 2015-6-25
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Hi Everyone,

I am a little confused. I just bought a P3A and am looking to get a tablet. Before I ask my question, here is what I am trying to achieve: (i) I want to get a GPS lock on my tablet so I can set a home point for RTH, and (ii) I want to see a map of where I am when I fly my P3A. Now to my questions:

(a) Do I NEED to have a network data connection through my cell phone provider to achieve the above?

(b) Do I NEED to have a WiFi connection to achieve the above? Does my device even need to have WiFi?

(c) I have looked through the recommended tablets but they are a little out of my price range. Which tablet would you guys recommend that does not offer any lag, and one that can achieve my aforementioned objectives?

Thank you!
William J

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(a) You do not need an Internet connection when flying. Just make sure you cache your maps with an Internet connection before you go flying.

(b) The Phantom 3 does not use Wi-Fi.

(c) Apple devices are more expensive, but they work as-is out of the box. You can find some inexpensive Android devices here:
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Phantom Help Posted at 2015-6-26 18:44
(a) You do not need an Internet connection when flying. Just make sure you cache your maps with an I ...

Let me ask a "wrinkly" question here.

When flying my Phantom, I tend to never let it get very far away - thus far. Consequently, whatever is on the map display really doesn't mean much. After all, if you fly less than a block away it's pretty hard to get lost and need a map! But let's say, for discussion sake, I buy the cheapest tablet out there I can find, no GPS, no WiFi, virtually no capability except the bare minimum needed to run the Pilot app.

While I'm flying, the pilot log is going to be capturing GPS coordinates (and lots of other data). If I gather up the appropriate file (like a copy of the .txt file from my mobile device) and go to DJIPilotLogs, convert the data into a .CSV format, then replay it on something like, anything I'm going to need in the way of a map will be displayed.

If I understand that correctly, then the map data is available after the fact and, unless you're flying a decent distance away from your home point, you really don't need a map at all.
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