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Prop guards screws
732 1 2015-6-27
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I recently bought a (cheap) set of prop guards for my P3P off Ebay.  They state that they will fit the P3, P2, or P2V+.  I am skeptical to try to mount them mainly because of the screw length.  The original screws look to be about 3/16" and new supplied screws are 7/16" long (threaded shaft part).  I have read that the longer screws will screw into the motor and cause damage.  But even if I get shorter screws...the guards just doesn't look like they are stiff enough to actually protect the props in the event that it comes into contact with anything.

I gave less than $6 for the I wasn't really expecting much...but has anyone used these cheap prop guards with any success?  And if so...what length of screw does it need?


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Every set I've ever bought came with a set of screws -- didn't yours?  (Hmmm, can't decide what cliche to use: "you get what you pay for" or "penny wise and pound foolish".  Consider that you spent over $1000 for your Phantom and only $6 to protect it.)

With all the different versions of prop guards floating around I doubt there is ONE specific length of screw that will fit all models.  I suppose you could measure one of the original screws then insert it into the prop guard and measure what is protruding.  Add the difference and you'll have an answer.
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