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1324 8 2015-6-29
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Sky Ninja

United States

Update- 6/30/15

Tonight’s match up is between two opponents with views aboutas far apart as the gap in Mike Tyson’s smile. The first, a growing companyfrom the Far East who believes, silence isgolden. The second, a jilted consumer with only the truth to tell.

We now take you to thering announcer-

“In the Blue corner, weighing in at a gigantic, bulked out, 10 billion dollar a year net worth-
The Beast from the EastA Toy Maker and Money TakerKnown by all to ‘Serve Us- with NO SERVICE’-
China’s very own, you're on a need toknow basis, drone developer….DJIIIIIIIIII!

And, in the Red corner, the challenger! Weighing in at a conservative consumer carbon foot print of 4017 dollars, we give you-
The Word WizardThe Clown of Pronoun...Known by many to'Floor ’em on the Forum'-
He's the katana tongued Slayer from the States…

Todd: “Wow Jim, that company is massive! Look at the way it’s kissing it’s own corporate muscle. Whew! They’re gonna be a hard one to beat!”

Jim: “I don’t knowTodd, I’d say that challenger looks to be ready and willing to take on that self loving, macro giant.
Ya know, there has been a lot of words between these two and there doesn’t seem to be much of that, ‘forgivenessis in the air’ feeling tonight.”

T: “You betcha, Jim.The tension is about as thick as Kim Kardashian’s A-”

J: “Whoa there, Todd!”

T: “What?!!? I was going to say, “Amazing hair.”
Any way, it looks like the two antagonists have taken their respective places in the ring. Wow! Look at the glare being given by ‘DJI’ to ‘Sky Ninja’. Whew! The ol’ Ninja is gonna need to really step up his game, if he hopes to stand toe to toe with the 'drone duke-ster'.”

J: “You said it Todd. But, look at the confidence on the face of Ninja, and that boyish smile just screams, ‘Not so scared!’ to his glaring adversary.”

T: “It looks like they’re ready to begin. Let’s cut to center ring-“

Ref: “Okay you twos…I expect a good, clean argument. No shots belows da belt. No useless vernacular vulgarities.  Let’s keep dis- fair, friendly and consumer  minded.”

J: “Ooooo, some serious rules, for some serious argumentative points!”

Ref: “Shake hands and go to ya cornnas!”

T: “Whoa! Did you see that, Jim?!!? DJI just walked away from the challenger! They left him with a good gestured hand just hanging. And, after the man invested his hard earned money intheir product. I must say Jim, that was bad form. Wow!”

J: “Yeah, that was interesting, to say the least. They left him hanging for about 3-1/2 months on that one, Todd!”

T: “The raised eyebrow and look of bewilderment on the face of Sky Ninja says it all, Jim.”

J: “Okay Todd, looks like they are ready to get this party started.”

T: “A reference to ‘PINK’ there, Jim?”

J: “Who?”

T: “Exactly my point, Jim!”


J: “Holy moly, Todd! Look at the way DJI jumps to a defensive stance of their actions right out of the gate!
They just dropped a big ol’ one-two combo on Sky Ninja with those 2, yes 2, failed RMA’d repair attempts!”

T: “Ouch, Jim! Along with that ‘no camera', ‘No Signal’ thing- As a consumer, that’s gotta hurt!”

J: “Ya know, in Sky’s defense, he never posted a word until the second failed attempt to repair his once beloved Inspire and almost 3 weeks with no call to resolve the situation from higher ups, as promised. After being treated like that, no wonder why he posted the way he did.”

T: “Talk about leaving one a bit,  un-Inspired! I tell ya Jim, posting his grievances in a comical way seems a lot more reasonable than most would be!”

J: “Man, you said it! According to the ‘Truth-O-Meter’  stats, Todd- it’s reported that his RC flyer was in the shop for 2-1/2 months, returned twice, once to the wrong address and it still didn’t have a camera that worked when he got it home! I dunno Todd, sounds a bit tough to swallow for a 4 grand investment that was only three days old.”

T:DJI  jabs with a politephone call…”

J: “Like a good sport, the challenger accepts in courtesy and- Ohhhhhhhh!”

T: “Wow, Jim did the DJI North American service guy just slam Sky Ninja with the ol’-  ‘Refurbished for Replacement’ deal?!!? I can’t believe my eyes!”

J: “It would seem so,Todd! Man, it takes some huge cohunes to do that to a guy!”

T: “Though somewhat stunned it looks like Sky Ninja politely declines the offer by the Rep- sighting all ofthe previous issues. Man! That Sky is adamant, he really wants a new one or refund.”

J: “And rightfully so, Todd. It doesn’t look like DJI is backing down though…”

T: “Some might say abit of a ‘low blow’, if ya ask me.”

J: “You betcha!”

T: “Ooooooo! I can’t believe my eyes, Jim! ‘Tahoe_Ed’ the moderator guy, just tossed a bad PR smear attempt from DJI’s corner to shake up the challenger.”

J: “Wow! Unbelievable,Todd! Why would he do something like that after announcing DJI’s “new” customer service standards to come? Look-!!! Sky Ninja just landed a hard combination jab and right hook in response with THE TRUTH!!!! Holy smokes, this is gettin’ good!”

T: “And they felt itwas him who was overly reactive in his comments?”

J: “Not in so many words, they- HOLY COW! Did you just see that?!!?”

T: “Yessss I did, Jim! Sky Ninja just laid down the law with a series of fact based forum posts. Those were some hard blows! DJI looks stunned!”

J: “Like 50 Cent trying to read ‘Dick and Jane’ for the umpteenth time, I’d say.”

T: “Looks like a bit of bantering going back and forth. Oooo, Sky Ninja is at DJI, again. More serious verbal pounding on the forum, Jim.”

J: “Holy Moses! They have really riled this challenger! Those two are going at each other like Tom and Jerry!”

J: “I tell ya, ‘The Word Wizard’  is not backing down at all."
In an recent interview with FORBES Magazine, Sky Ninja was reported as saying, and I quote, “…it is very apparent I like my money more than DJI does…” end quote.”

T: “Ha! Some honest words, there, Jim. Well, it looks as though ‘The Beast from the East’  is still holding on to their body blow mindset of ‘Refurb or Nothing’ there, Jim.”
Almost sounds comical. Everyone knows DJI stands on their commitment to customer service, or at least they’re trying to…now.
The competition is really heating up out in the world, Jim.”

J: “What are you saying there, Todd?”

T: “Let’s just say, Tian Yu thinks it’s a Yuneec situation, Jim.”

J: “You spelled that word wrong there, Todd.”

T: “Actually, I didn’t, Jim, that's the way you spell Tian-”

J: “Oookaayy…Sky Ninja takes a long step back…What's he doing…?”

T: “Uh oh…looks like he may be ready to throw in the towel there, Jim.
This battle has been a tough one, to say the least. Can you just imagine his emotional frustration? How let down he must truly feel? To play by the rules then, pfffffrrrrtttt! Get shat on by the very product and company you promoted to better your community as, ‘the technology of the future'. I mean, wow!
With all that hittin' the fan, you'd be left with more freckles than a Kentucky farm girl in July.

Nobody would blame him for- What the-?!!? Why is The Ninja smiling?!!? GOD IN HEAVEN!!! Just when we thought we’d seen it all!
I can’t believe that just happened!!!
Sky Ninja wasn’t backing down, he was backing up!!! He raises a long arm upward and- Oh my gawd!!!!
He just landed a heavy handed Platinum American-Express HAY MAKER, right in the ol’ wallet of the manufacturer!!!”

T: “Ooo wee! I bet he never leaves home without that! It’s obvious they didn’t see that one coming, Jim! The look on their faces is almost one of that slow motion- "Nnnnnnnnnooooooooooo” you often see in the movies."

J:Sky Ninja takes back the FUNDs!!! SKY NINJA goes for THE REFUND and GETS IT!!!!!”


Okay forum members one and all, that’s it. No more long winded, silly posts from yer ol’ buddy, Sky Ninja. (I know Ed's ringing the party bell) Without the Inspire-1 issue being a thorn in my side any longer, I am retiring the mantle. In all honesty, I feel I no longer have a standing complaint against DJI as I have, after 48 days, received a full refund of $4017 credited back to my AmEx. Mind you, it wasn’t them giving the refund, it was my dealer (God Bless ‘em) who stood against the odds and had my 6. With that said, I now do what any one person should and step down. My fight is over...

Though a long time, where waiting was concerned, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some of the most interesting people. So many good souls from various countries and backgrounds- Australia, Thailand,the UK, Sweden, Spain and of course the US. To each of you, I offer a most humble ‘thanks’. Thank you for taking the time to read all the long winded posts (like this one) and commenting. Your kindness, support, comments, knowledge, help and even opposition has made it entertaining, to say the least.
This is the first (and hopefully last) forum I’ve experienced and all I can say is…well…I better not; the S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents may swarm me, blocking me into oblivion, forever.
Let’s just say, my sabbatical begins whenthis post ends.

For each of you- Keep your head in the clouds, be well and may you never experience a bad flight for the rest of your days.
Mostof all- have some fun people, that’s what this is really all about.

Again, many thanks.
I raise a toast to each of you, CHEERS!


PS- For those of you wanted to know, YES, I made and decorated the ‘NinjaBread’ cookies myself.
Oh and Tahoe_Ed, no hard feelings, buddy. To you sir, peace and good health.

(Original Post)

Well, Hello there, we are going to take a look at a well known affliction I like to refer to as  'L.O.C.S. Syndrome'.

You see, the DJI Forum Community often makes mention of 'L.O.C.S. Syndrome' throughout umpteen hundreds of their comments, discussions and so on. 'L.O.C.S.' is more commonly referred to in the following long hand definition as;  Lack Of Customer Service. Yes, when repeated out loud, this verbal communicationcan can cause serious mental and physical issues such as the following;

1. Chills- Severe forms of these have been documented in forum members who have recently discovered their Inspire 1, Phantom 3 or other DJI product must be sent in for repair.
2. Nausea- This is most common with any owner of a DJI product who has come in contact (or lack there of) with an anointed DJI 'Specialist'. When said 'Specialist' begins demonstrating obvious qualities of  'L.O.C.S. Syndrome' it becomes quite sickening to the consumer that he/she must face the fact they are on the 'fast track' to not seeing their beloved investment (hobby or professional use) for a minimum of six (6) weeks.
3. Uncontrolled Outbursts of Anger and/or Aggression- Simply, obvious signs of 'L.O.C.S.' enrages the victim to the point they begin talking of inappropriate use of 12ga shotguns, poor quality beers, even certain misgivings of marital status and situations, often times leading to the well known, 'T.M.I. Syndrome'.
4. Paranoia- This feeling seems more common in a forum member who, after a firmware "update", comes to the unexpected conclusion, their once graceful and glorious flying contraption has now become, an overqualified deep sea fishing weight. Additionally, this results in all three (3) of the abovementioned symptoms of 'L.O.C.S. Syndrome' manifesting.
5. Ridicule- The symptom is brought to light by some, 'high and mighty, pat themselves on the back-er fan boy' who has yet to accept the fact they truly have a non-existent life, save for the constant scrolling and reading of and making a (or several) condescending comments against each person posting said thought, grievance, inspiring story or informative and positive tutorial. These persons are, at times referred to as 'Trolls', the preferred terminology is, "Grey Skinned-Near Sighted-Left Handed-Monkey Spanker" or 'G.S.N.S.L.H.M.S.' which we will discuss in another thread.
6. Some severe cases of 'L.O.C.S.' have been reported in instances where a forum member has been subjected to several poorly structured sentences (where improperly placed pronouns and/or adjectives have been utilized) leading to meandering answers with no conclusive outcome or direction.

If you, a loved one, a friend or even a well liked forum member suffers from 'L.O.C.S. Syndrome' be kind. Let the poor bastard know there are thousands more out there in the world, feeling the same, still somewhat baffling, way. Please DO NOT mention items such as missed deadlines, contractual losses, loss of family time due to long phone wait times, or even the fun you may be having with the flying product of your choice, as this may cause a severe reaction in which all listed sypmtoms will cause the head of the individual to literally implode in a supernova, scene from Poltergeist: the Movie, sort of way.
Okay, I'm done with the sarcasm, my apologies to you, the reader. The truth of the matter is this, in many of us there lays dormant, an evil and somewhat veil creature. For those of us who will openly admit this common fact, we utilize humor to convey things like (in my case) anger and (also in my case) irritation. I'll get to the a minute.

After several months of diligent searching, watching and investigating, I decided to purchase the well talked about (even by POPMech) DJI Inspire1. Dun-dunn-duhhhhh!!!!! Mind you, I do not blame DJI in any way, shape, or form for enticing me to purchase. Oh no!!! The technology, if it were as it states, could've been, and still may be, incredible.
So, why the sour grapes then, Sky Ninja? BTW- I set the name as a joke and it stuck, so...sue me. And NO, I'm not a 'real' ninja.

Anyway, here goes. By the way, the information contained herein, is backed by RMA #s, documentation, photos and screen shots. So, to those little 'G.S.N.S.L.H.M.S.' beware! You may find yourself on the receiving end of a swift smack to the neck fat, should you try some of your 'monkey business' with ol' Sky Ninja. {:2_29:}
Here's the factual deal;
Purchased I-1 on 2/17/15, it arrived 2/23/15. (Giddy with joy was I) Jump to 2/27/15- During eighth (8th) flight, while still in the process of checking telemetry, responsiveness and familiarizing myself with all aspects of controls, the unit (noted as an IMU issue) suffered a severe crash. I obtained and RMA on 2/30/15. On 3/03/15 paid $79 to ship unit in it's original, new case inside of a box with 2" of styrofoam on all 6 sides, to protect it. (Why $79? No shipping was offered, I know better now.) I patiently waited eight (8) weeks, (yes, eight weeks or two months) not knowing what to expect as there were so many horror stories surfacing on the web and forum. Then, the news came, my faulty unit was to be returned, completely repaired. Once more, life would be I thought. Please see below and feel free to ask questions;

1st Repair- Sent 3/03/15
DJI, LA Diagnosed/Replaced-
1. Damaged Center Frame
2. Right Motor Arm
3. Camera
4. Nose Cap

Was the unit-
*Camera checked? YES- Worked perfectly
*Updated? NO- Pilot App indicates required update (DJI said it was in email)
*Test Flown by DJI? NO- Pilot App indicates no flights after incident (DJI said it was in email)
*Warranty Repair? YES
*Flown after returned? NO- Several issues were visibly evident unit was not fit for flight.

Returned 4/23/15

***Turn around time- 8 weeks (as expected with typical RMA)

Upon return, the following issues were noted;
1. Did not replace obviously cracked front, left arm as noted on RMA and in email(s)
2. Right/Left rear motor arms were different lengths and were not installed properly
3. Center frame (in travel & landing gear down) was out of square to the left @ approx 7degs (+/- .5deg)
4. The props (@ nose, landing gear down) left to right were not aligned. The left prop tip was @16-1/8 while the right prop tip was at 16-5/8
5. The Right Rear Motor was out of alignment. Motor tilt should be between 4 & 5degs, R/R Motor was @ 9degs O/S (+/- .5deg)  
6. Front span of unit was wider than rear span to center of prop thread by 1/8”+
7. 1-week old case came back with a sufficient amount of Interior/Exterior damage and missing shipping transport foam pieces
8. New props/locks not shipped with unit

*Action taken- Called XXX of XXX, XXX on 4/23/15 and was instructed to retain new RMA from DJI and email him with issues. After several attempts, unit was returned via an RMA-ESC and return shipping label from DJI, LA

2nd Repair
-Sent 5/04/15
DJI, LA Diagnosed/Replaced-
1. One Motor (which one?)
2. Central Frame Unit (Again? See item 1, under 1st Repair)
3. Left Motor Arm
4. One ESC Board (which one?)
5. Battery Plate
6. Props
7. Case (original damaged by DJI on 1st repair attempts)

Was the unit-
*Updated? YES- Pilot App indicates ‘Newest Firmware’
*Test Flown by DJI? YES- Pilot App indicates flight
*New Props & Locks (pre-installed) Included? YES- 2 sets each= 4 props/4 Locks
*Warranty Repair? YES- Repair completed on Friday 5/8/15 and shipped ‘Overnight Saturday Delivery’, via FedEx to WRONG ADDRESS on same date. Correct and NEW address was clearly typed on RMA. (Luckily, the new owners of the house held the door tag for me) Had to pick the unit up at the FedEx hub as no one was to be at our new home to sign for the unit during the week and I did not want the Inspire returned. The drive was 70 miles, round trip and took 2-1/2hrs to complete (driving only)
*Flown after returned? NO- Camera issues and missing securing hardware. The unit is still not fit for flight.

Returned 5/09/15

***Turn around time- 5days (Kudos!) and packed to the hilt!!!!

Upon return, the following issues were noted;
1. Camera responds to gimbal directions given but now does not show video/photo and shows ‘No Signal’ on pilot app after updates and/or reloads of IOS and Android systems. In addition, camera has been inspected and cleaned with no positive outcome.
2. Airframe Bottom Cover plate is missing mid-section securing screw. There is no evidence the screw was ever installed as plastic sleeve shows no indication of wear or ‘scrub’ marks.
This is the plate holding the camera and gimbal in place.
***Update- The" missing" screw as reported above is actually supossed to be left blank for future adaptaions of hardware, per Marc of DJI. Therefore, I was erroneous in my evaluation.***

*Action taken- Called XXX of XXX, XXX on 5/11/15 and was instructed to email him with issues and thusly, said issues would be forwarded to proper channels at DJI, LA. Email was sent requesting full refund of unit with explanations, in addition to abundant issues concerning Inspire 1, lack of customer service (poor repairs) and no longer having the faith in product to put the unit in the air for fear of safety to all living and structural entities.
Response from XXX was that DJI, would be contacting me “…very fast…” to resolve the situation. With the following from DJI, who could blame me for not putting much faith in the product. I'm the one held liable for EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENS. Though this is common practice for companies of this type, as well as in this type of hobby/profession, I'm sorry, but there are too many variables at this point.

“* Notice:
As DJI Innovations has no control over use, setup, final assembly, modification(including use of non-specified DJI parts i.e. motors, ESCs, propellers, etc.)or misuse, no liability shall be assumed nor accepted for any resulting damageor injury. By the act of use, setup or assembly, the user accepts all resultingliability.”

*Current date of this posting 5/19/15…and still no word from DJI. (que the Elvis music...I feel so lonely, I could die.)

In closing, I am the not so proud owner (requesting a refund) of a 3-1/2 month old Inspire 1, with 8 flights and less than 20 minutes air time, who still can't do a darn thing but- leave it in it's case while awaiting a response.

I promise to update with any GOOD NEWS should the opportunity present itself.

>To 'dundee'- Thank you for the very generous offer of assistance with the camera issue and posting your personal SKYPE info.
>To 'Abe'- If your reading this buddy, I feel your pain.
>To 'Mike Starley'- Thanks for the laughs and finding your space bar...kinda.

A SWING...and A MISS!!!
...more like a foul ball if you ask me.

Thanks for reading, -S.N.

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United States

I'm glad you finally got the satisfaction you wanted.  Never give up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Second Officer

United Kingdom

Well put Sky Ninja

I didn't believe companies like this still existed, but seriously proved wrong on that one. And as you stated your refund still didn't come from DJI. All that proves to anyone is they don't stand behind their products and "carrot dangle " to get sales.

I personally have 2 quads, & 2 hexi's that are either DJI built or depend on DJI products added( I.e naza, lightbridge )  and this may sound sad but once their either aged or broken I'll be done with their products and anything regarding  the said "Drone Gaint.

I've had no issues with my inspire and some may wonder why I'm giving up on DJI? Answer: I've seen as we all have how this "Gaint " handles its self  and it's ugly.  

Nuff said!

Like you I could rattle on for ever of broken promises, coming soon, 24 support etc  bla bla bla bla blab! Maybe their silent because they have nothing constructive to say?
Why bother?

Safe flying Sky Ninja
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United States

Thanks for taking that hit. Money still in my pocket and it seems like it'll stay there.
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Second Officer

United States

homedad Posted at 2015-6-30 20:00
Thanks for taking that hit. Money still in my pocket and it seems like it'll stay there.

That is a wise move.  Hold onto your money and don't take the risk.    Because it is a risk.

Entertaining post skyninja.

I can also confirm that as of today, it's been one month since I purchased the inspire 1.   Mine failed on day 3 and I asked for a refund (not because I didn't enjoy the inspire or was intimidated by owning one-  Purely based upon the CS problems I've read here and experience first hand).   I still don't have a refund either and they have had it back in their possession for 2 1/2 weeks.    Mind you, I only had my expire for 3 days (acturally about 8 flights.  the nineth it fried) before the wiring went out on it.  Future customers, use your best judgement based upon the CS nightmares we have faced.  

I'm a business owner, 44 years of age....Educated.   I'm not some kid with extra money to spend.   I work hard for my money.  I didn't spend it wisely (in this case) based upon the customer service I received.  Lesson learned.   
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Second Officer

United States

Sorry Ninja to spam your post.  But I sent my extra inspire remote back to amazon after I figured out that I wasn't going to keep the inspire.   I sent it back within the 30 day window ~ the 25th day mark.

I haven't gotten a refund yet, so I placed an email this morning think it would be a day or so for response.   20 minutes later, I received a response.   And I post this because this is how you do customer service:

Hello *********,

First, I'm sorry about the problem you had with your  DJI Inspire 1 Remote Controller  and that is not what we want to experience from our customer and I hope you'll give us one more chance to prove our standard and service to win your heart.

To make things right for you, I've checked and confirmed that we successfully received your Return Defective Item. Here's the details:

Return State: Pending
Return Arrival Date: Friday, June 19, 2015
Return Processing Date:
Shipment ID: **********

Although your package has arrived at our returns center, we haven't processed it yet. Once the carrier has your return package, it can take up to two weeks for us to receive and process your return. As soon as it's processed, we'll request a refund to your payment method, and send you an e-mail confirmation.

To make things right for you, I've successfully processed a full refund for your order #*********** for the amount of USD 610.00 and this should go back to the original payment method that was used within the next 2-3 business days.

Once processed, you'll also be able to see the refund here:*****************

After the refund has processed in their system, your bank should be able to locate it using this information. In most cases, once a refund has been submitted, the issuing bank will post it to your account within 2-3 business days. This time frame may vary from one financial institution to another.

If you don't hear from our returns center, kindly write back so we can find out what happened. You can contact us via the following link:

If you'd like to check the status of your return online, click "Your Account" at the top of our website. Then click "Your Orders" and select this order. Completed returns and refunds appear at the bottom of the order summary.

Please accept my sincere apologies for this and we'll continue working hard to ensure that you receive accurate service, and to minimize the chances of anything like this occurring again.

On a personal level, I appreciate your patience, cooperation and understanding in this matter. It is our privilege to have you as our valued customer & we want to make sure you are always taken care of.

We hope to see you again soon.

Best regards,
**** A.

TAKE NOTE DJI.....THATS how it's done.   Apple does this.  Amazon does this.  Adorama does this.    There has been no haggle returns on all the merchandise I've spent at those places over the years and it is in the THOUSANDS of dollars.   
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United States

Waaayyyy too LDR
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Second Officer

United States

LOL, it's how you circumvent the spam filter
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United Kingdom

InspirelessAggi Posted at 2015-7-1 00:10
LOL, it's how you circumvent the spam filter

I get the user name now, after reading your post.
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