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Is the Pocket 2 allowing users to specify the recording bitrate?
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Is the Pocket 2 allowing users to specify other bitrates than 100mbps? Like for example 80mbps, 60mbps, 30 etc.This information is VERY important for me, because I intend to purchase a Pocket 2 and a DJI Mini 2, but I am very hesitant. Why? Because all my footage shot with the Osmo Pocket 1 @4K 60fps 100mbps bitrate, was impossible to edit on both my Windows PC and my Mac. I was unable to edit my footage, it was dropping lots of frames on playback and it was impossible to scrub. In the end the only way I could edit my clips was by converting them first to 4K @60fps 60mbps with HEVC encription using Handbrake. After conversion editing and scrubbing was very smooth both on PC and the iMac.
Let me tell you the story from the beginning. In 2019 I puchased the Osmo Pocket 1 and then went on vacation. When I came back home I tried to use my PC (Core i7 7700K, Nvidia GTX1080 32GB ram) with DaVinci Resolve. Then I tried Filmora. It was impossible to edit. I decided to buy a brand new 2019 27" iMac. Using iMovie on the Mac it was a little better in playback than on the PC but scrubbing was still not working at all. Because my machine was brand new I called Apple support immediately and explained them the situation. Apple connected remotely, they saw my problem but couldn't tell me was wrong. Instead they escalated my case to an engineer. This gentleman was very knowledgeable and patient, he spent hours connected and tryng all kind of things, including installing Davinci Resolve without luck, and BlackMagic Speed Test (BTW Blackmagic write speed on the internal iMac SSD was more than 2900 MB/s.) In the end he asked me to provide him several samples of my DJI footage and escalated my case to their iMovie and FCP developers. A week later he sent me back my footage, but they re-encoded it at Apple @60mpbs which worked then perfectly, and he said he will close the case because there's nothing wrong with the Apple hardware or software. It was only too much data to process by the machine in the way the footage was encoded by the camera.
Then obviously I returned my iMac back to Costco, and finishen my editing after conversion.
Follow-up: Last week I puchased a 2020 Mac Mini M1 with 16GB RAM, and I was very curious to know if my last year clips could be edited on this much faster machine. Guess what? The playback was OK, not perfect, just OK, but it was still difficult to scrub.
I swear to God this is my story. I am astonished to hear that you guys don't have problems editing 4K 60fps 100mbps. Maybe there was something wrong with my Osmo. Anyway other people are complaining on youtube about editing the 4K Osmo footage.

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I had the same problem on my old machine, with videos coming from the mavic 2 pro.
If you use Premiere Pro you can try to work on proxies It fixed the problem for me. I have no idea if there are equivalent solutions on davinci.
Be aware that some effects, filters, cannot be in real time because they require too much resources. You can try to toggle effects off or pre render some parts to speed up the process.
When i use denoisers it takes 1h to export few minutes video.. And it's normal to see it lagging during editing. It's the price of quality

I'm not an expert in video editing so let's see for some other answers
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Hi, titust1. Thanks for reaching out! The bitrate video bitrate varies on the resolution of the video and its respective fps. Kindly refer to the table below. Also in the actual video encoding, the bitrate will vary according to the scene. For example, the bit rate in a single static scene will be lower and not absolutely fixed. Hope this information helps.

DJI Pocket 2 Video Bitrate:
1080p @ 24/25/30 fps: 30Mbps
1080p @ 48/50/60 fps: 60Mbps
1080p @ 120 fps: 80Mbps
1080p @ 240 fps: 100Mbps
2.7K @ 24/25/30 fps: 50Mbps
2.7K @ 48/50/60 fps: 80Mbps
4K @ 24/25/30 fps: 80Mbps
4K @ 48/50/60 fps: 100Mbps
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H264 remember isn't the best codec regardless of bitrate or resolution so if your hardware is still struggling then proxies are worth considering.  Davinci is very GPU heavy s if you are not running a rig with a dedictaed GPU you'll struggle also.  The Apple M1 may see some improvements but remember software providers are playing catchup and are having to re-code to exploit the new chip architecture whic in Apple's usual way is non=standard properietry stuff.  

That being said I'm running a Dell XPS Desktop 32gb Ram i7 (9Series) CPU RTX2080 GPU with Twin 28" 4k monitors and OS SSD and Editing SSD and it cuts through the Pocket 2 4k 100mbps with ease.  If you are running your editing add footage from the same SSD you might have issues, I run the OS and App from one SSD and have my footage and project cache on the other SSD, I also have a HDD for stoarage and a Raid drive for backup.
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As mentioned above, you can use proxies. Davinci has it - I found I had to use these when adding any effects whatsoever otherwise scrubbing didn’t work properly.

If your using a Mac have you tried fcpx ?   This also has proxies, but I find I don’t need it with pocket footage, even at 4K,60fps.   Sure if you add intensive effects it will slow it right down, but normal scrubbing is fine - which it sounds like is your main gripe.   There is an also an option in fcpx on playback quality, you can set this lower to help in your editing.
My view is since fcpx was written for the Mac hardware you are getting a well optimised combination.
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