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Anyone have a partial app crash losing video connection only?
409 0 2015-7-2
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i had my first real problem with my P3a the other day. Early in flight while I was 400 feet hgh and about 3000 feet away my iPad screen went black and I had "no signal" in red. I was a little confused and didn't do anything expectin her to Rth on her own. I then decided to close and reopen the app but again had the no signal and video feed. The app was streaming battery level percentage as I noticed it dropping but distance wasn't changing so I hit Rth on the transmitter and after a few minutes she came back. The most nerve wracking minutes of my life!. I flew her right after with a fresh battery without any problems so I'm hoping it was an isolated incident. Anyone else experience this type of problem having a partial app crash?
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