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Black screen DJI smart controller
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United States

I just bought a brand new Mavic 2 Pro.  Everything was going smooth, the updates and everything went smooth also. But now I have nothing but a blank screen on my DJI smart controller. But all the other information is on the screen as far as exposure and all that good stuff.  So everything is on the screen as far as flight controls go, but no image just a dark screen.  Help?  Did the latest firmware‘s and that stuff I downloaded brick my drone and controller?   
2-13 14:25
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DJI Stephen
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Hello there warloc59. I am sorry for the trouble this has caused and thank you for reaching out. Kindly please try refreshing the firmware using the DJI Assistant 2 to see if there will be changes. Also, would it be possible if you could confirm if you are still getting the OSD information or the screen is totally black? Kindly please provide a short sample video showing the said issue for us to be able to assist you further? Thank you.
2-15 20:50
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