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RTK and RTKNetworkServiceProvider
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I want to use RTK with my iOS App and the P4RTK.
I already managed to connect to the RTKNetworkserviceProvider and my DJIRTKNetworkServiceChannelState is transmitting. As i get the Docomentation right, i am getting the RTK Signal from the Network.

But now i am facing some issues:

How to i use the DJIRTKState class? to i have the create an instance and set the delegate? or do something with the DJIRTK class?

How can i get the location from the NetworkserviceProvider like in the GSPro App, where you see the Lat, Long and Alt of the Station?

How can i set the positionSolution, do get the FixedPoint Solution, because it is more accurat.

And i also have a differnt issue:

I am getting the takeOffAltitude with the Key, but it is not correct, i should be 430 but it is 208 and i to not get, would i should change.

Thanks for the help

3-29 05:08
Use props
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