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Timelapse limitations
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Recently, I tried shooting timelapse with Pocket 2. Earlier on, I had known some limitations about the timelapse mode: the only resolutions available to the timelapse are in 1080p, and battery life may cause some limitations on recording, if no power bank or continuous power is used.

However, I found a couple of other limitations, to my disappointment.

First of all, there isn't any kind of zoom available when doing a timelapse. I originally planned to shoot a timelapse in a city street, recording cars from the streetwalk - my idea being that the video would feature both lanes of the driveway, cars passing from left and right - not distracting traffic but making it look as if I was standing in the middle of the road, cars passing at the speed of light both left and right when using the video as a background in a video meeting. Not being able to zoom ruined this plan pretty efficiently.

After that, I tried to come up with a plan for another timelapse footage - me placing colorful tabletop game pieces on the game board, put on a table. My idea was to put the Pocket 2 on a tripod, raise it high enough so it can be above the game board and film downwards as I place the pieces on the board. However, this plan was ruined too - to be able to film timelapse, the body of the gimbal must be completely straight and upright. Even a smallest tilt of the body results the Pocket 2 not recording the timelapse at all, or cutting it at most 0-1 seconds. And, when the body was upright, the camera couldn't be tilted low enough to get the desired result.

Also, when connected to an Android device running DJI Mimo, I got a message saying that there is not enough space on memory card, even when the Pocket 2's memory card space was almost empty. So does this mean it's the Android device that should have a memory card with enough space, when it is used for remote control? (And is there a possibility to use the device's internal memory instead?)

These limitations left me a bit miffed. They probably have some good reasons for these limitations (I could imagine them being related to heat management of Pocket 2 to avoid overheating), but decided to mention these so others can take them into consideration when filming timelapses.

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I found the limitation of body of the gimbal must be completely straight and upright just yesterday while doing a timelpase of clouds bit up the normal level.
I then used motion lapse to bypass this limitation however there are times when you dont want the camera to move yet point up or down.
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Use props
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