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DJI Terra New Firmware Release Notes (05/19/2021)
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South Africa

Version: 3.0.0
Release Date: 2021- 05- 19

Update details:
  • Supports cluster computing mode
  • Supports processing Lidar point cloud collected by ZENMUSE L1

  • Increased real-time 3D model processing speed by about 20%
  • Increased 3D reconstruction processing speed by about 20%
  • Optimized large-scale data reconstruction experience
  • Optimized DSM and DOM for 2D reconstruction (DSM reduces the irregular outward expansion of a structure’s borders to make the border appear smoother and less frizzy, while DOM optimizes the border area of a structure)
  • Added PLY format and PCD format to 3D point cloud reconstruction results
  • Current reconstruction tasks can now be viewed in the task library.
  • 3D point cloud reconstruction results can now be displayed according to altitude
  • Major upgrades to the aerotriangulation reconstruction speed of the non-gimbal camera images
  • Optimized the reconstruction effect of ZENMUSE P1 or other high-resolution images
  • Optimized the accuracy of RTK-enabled real-time reconstruction models
  • Modify the upper limit of agricultural application route height setting to 30 meters

  • Fixed the issue where only the results of a single area were output when there were more than 1 connected component in the aerotriangulation results
  • Fixed the issue of display offset due to incorrect order of latitude and longitude when the point cloud results of a geodetic coordinate system were output in the LAS format
  • Fixed the issue of base map offset when 2D reconstruction results were scaled in CAD or Cass software
  • Fixed the issue of incorrect GCP mark accuracy when the Windows system scaling setting is not at 100%

  • Agras T16 or T20 users should use Agras drones with firmware version 02.03.0303 higher to access Agricultural Applications.
  • DJI Terra Permanent License update and maintenance fees: Users can update DJI Terra to any version released within the first year of use free of charge, starting from when DJI Terra is bound with a device. From the second year onward, users must pay for version updates annually.
  • The Detailed Inspection function is now compatible with DJI Pilot V1.9.0R or later versions.

【Supported Devices】
  • Phantom 4
  • Phantom 4 Pro
  • Phantom 4 RTK (Remote Controller)
  • Phantom 4 Pro V2.0
  • Phantom 4 Pro + V2.0
  • Phantom 4 Advanced

5-20 18:14
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Thanks for the info!
5-21 06:22
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I had to change data from one hard drive to another on our server. I cannot retreive any reconstructions I've made in DJI Terra before. How can I reopen a 3d/2d I've made before? What is the file type do I have to look for? Do I really have to reconstruct everything?
7-2 11:24
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We just receive our L1.
I did a test scan with the M300 following the complete instalation/setting/calibrating found in the manual but...
The Terra (free 6 month licence receive with the P1) refuse to read the CLI file and stop processing...
Any info/tips or something?


7-10 01:22
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vincent70 Posted at 7-10 01:22

We just receive our L1.

I got the same issue, do you get any solution for CLI error. Plz I appreciate your support.
9-5 06:45
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djiuser_vwaLt9lx9VbA Posted at 9-5 06:45
I got the same issue, do you get any solution for CLI error. Plz I appreciate your support.


Yes, we solve it...

In fact you need to get precise location by using a DRTK or Ntrip...

The internal GPS or IMU is not anough precise.
It s look like it s not a probleme from the TERA licence.

9-9 22:56
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