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RS2 SBUS Channel Passthrough
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Hey DJI,

I was wondering if we could get the option for SBUS channel passthrough via the usb ports on the tilt axis arm. I've wired the focus wheel onto the RS2 and gotten the gimbal control to work via a radio transmitter, but I'd like to gain further control over the camera as well. I have a raspberry pi that I have configured with GPhoto2 which already talks to my camera and triggers settings changes, start/stop and photo, as well as iso/shutter/iris control. I've also set up a series of scripts on the pi that allow me to trigger those controls via GPIO inputs that come from my receiver, so that I can trigger camera fucntions via my radio for long distance control.

This is all well and good, however, I would rather not string cables from the focus wheel position up to the camera arm where I have mounted the pi. Too much potential for tangling and wrecking things. What I would like to do is have a way to pass SBUS signals not used by the gimbal to the usb ports on the tilt arm that I can plug into my pi, thus triggering GPhoto controls with my radio. This would be free of clutter and prevent any risk of tangling, and be a much nicer implementation of my control rig. Since the gimbal doesn't use a number of SBUS channels, I'd like to see some of those opened up for custom controls.

Since my rig will be replacing the Raveneye system on the gimbal, is it possible to route those unused SBUS channels through the Raveneye's USB port on the tilt arm
5-24 22:03
Use props
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