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Cannot get Smart Controller to work with Flight Simulator
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I have connected my Smart Controller to the PC via the USB port and have tried all three options (Charge this device; Transfer files; Transfer photos) to get the Trial Flight Simulator to recognize it.  None of these have worked.  Is there some setting or option that I am missing to make this connection?
6-2 08:24
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Hi! You might be better off posting your question in the 'products' section of this forum.  That is way more active.    -
6-2 23:14
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Hi there. Thank you for reaching out and we do apologize for the trouble. Can you please try to uninstall and reinstall the DJI Flight simulator on your computer to see if the issue persists? Also, you may try to update/refresh the firmware of your DJI Smart Controller using the DJI Assistant 2 and connect to see if there would be some changes. Please keep us posted. Thank you for your continued support!
6-3 19:55
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did you solve the problem friend?
6-11 06:34
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Here is how I got DJI Flight Simulator to work with my Smart Controller in Windows 10:
1) Install the DJI Flight Simulator as normal.
2) Use a USB A to USB C cable (the one that came with your Smart Controller works great) to connect the Smart Controller to a USB port on your PC. It does not need to be a high speed (USB v3) port.
3) When it prompts what to do with the new connection on the Smart Controller choose "Charge this device" as follows: DJI-Smart-Controller-Cable-Plugged-In-Screenshot-6_2021.jpg
4) Wait a few minutes for Windows 10 to automatically detect then download the driver.
5) Check the driver installed correctly by holding down the Windows key then press the R key to display the "Run" dialog.
6) In the "Run" dialog type devmgmt.msc to display the Device Manager.
7) Expand the "Ports (COM & LPT)" section in the Device Manager and look to see the "USB Serial Device" COM port for the Smart Controller is present as follows:
* Note that where it says "COM4" for me it may say "COM3" or "COM5" or some other number for you. This is normal.
* Ensure there is no yellow exclamation mark next to the device port line (if there is then the driver is not installed).
8) Start the DJI Flight Simulator (demo/free) software.

If everything is working (ie the driver loaded) then by default the DJI Flight Simulator will find the Smart Controller (SC) and just work without doing anything else. Use the left joystick to control the selection. Use the C4 button on the bottom right of the SC to select a menu item. When flying press the red pause/emergency stop button on the Smart Controller to cycle between views. Hold down the red pause/emergency stop button for a few seconds to switch from drone control to your player control (then you can move your character around in the map).


Please note I only tried this on a Windows 10 PC. Also, I plugged in the Smart Controller to a PC that has never had any DJI software installed on it and never had the Smart Controller connected to test it. It found the "rm500" device and installed the driver after a minute or two. In the "Settings" -> "Devices" window it should show the "rm500" device (Smart Controller) as follows.



If you have Windows 7 (and maybe Windows 8 or 8.1) it will probably not install the driver automatically. If you look in the Device Manager it will show the following missing driver:
I have been unable to find the correct driver as yet but I did not spend a lot of time on it. Sorry.

yesterday 05:05
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I've tried all steps, still not working for me. In my device section the controller comes up as C5, and said driver not available.

I have a DJI Smart Controller, and a controller from the Mavic Air 2. Both not working on PC.

Any help?
yesterday 07:59
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