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Tip: Mini 2 Firmware Update
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United States

After 2 days of frustration with firmware update failures, I wanted to post what worked for me in case someone finds it useful.  This specifically relates to the Aircraft Connection Failure (-3008) code at ~40%.

Devices tried:
iPhone 7 version 14.7 [3 attempts]

iPad Pro version 14.4 [2 attempts]

Galaxy S20+ 5G version 11 [8 attempts, finally succeeded]

This is what ultimately worked on Android:

1.  Plug CONTROLLER into computer via USB charging cable and refresh firmware using DJI Assistant 2 (might be optional)

2.  Delete the previous cached firmware download from within the DJI app on your phone

3.  Turn off controller and drone and close the app.  Make sure to actually close the app not just minimize.

4.  Plug controller into phone and open the app
5.  Turn on the controller, then turn on the drone (normal sync sequence)
6.  Start the firmware download when it prompts

7.  Leave the app on the home screen.  DO NOT OPEN the "More info..." box.*

8.  Wait 5-10 minutes

*My phones seem to treat the "More info" window as if I'd minimized the app and thus drop connection to the drone.  Leaving it on the Home screen seems to prevent the device from disconnecting.

The drone will power on/off a few times if the update is actually working.

- Disabling WiFi and/or Bluetooth didn't make a difference

- Using an iPhone/iPad instead didn't make a difference
- Pointing the antenna directly at the Drone did help push it along faster.  The updates failed at higher percentages.

Hope this helps.  Drone is amazing, software is terrible.

8-24 18:04
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United States

What a hassle
8-24 19:56
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DJI Tony


Hi, there. Thanks for your sharing. It is really gald to hear that you figure out the solution. We're deeply sorry for the inconvenience you’ve been inflicted. We care much about your feedback on our product and service. I’ve transferred your feedback to our engineer, will keep improving to make your experience with us better. If you have any further question, please feel free to contact us.
8-24 20:20
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