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DJI Mini2 Video, trying to learn, feedback requested to improve
4034 3 2022-1-22
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Hi Mates

This some compiled footage from my DJI Mini2, trying to learn, feedback requested to improve my skill.

Thank you.

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I like it
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Lord Antony

I don't think that learning to fly over people's heads is a good idea.
Also try to do slower side turns (0:55) so we could enjoy the panoramic view.
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United States

My advice: One of the best (and also easiest to do) things that I've read is to be slow and gentle with your control inputs.

I am also an airplane pilot.  The first time someone sits at an airplane's controls, they tend to grab them firmly with both hands and "throw" them around, all the way to the stops, from side to side, up and down.  Because that's what they have seen on TV and in movies (even though that's insane and not realistic).  If you really move the controls like that in an airplane, it will toss the aircraft around violently, and lots of people (including you) will quickly start to vomit.  I think the same advice is useful for flying a drone (at least I think my own drone flying got a lot better when I stopped using heavy-handed stick inputs, over-controling, and always pushing the sticks to the stops).  You need a light touch to keep everyone from vomiting (actually or just metaphorically, while viewing your footage).

Be gentle on the control sticks.  Make SMALL adjustments, and make them SLOWLY, GENTLY, and (unless you're in an emergency, about to hit something) do not push the sticks all the way to the stops.  Don't push them one way then push back the other way because you have "over corrected".  Unless your drone is just pointed in a very wrong direction, think of control inputs as corrections -- small corrections. Easy, small, (tiny), gentle, and smooth control inputs are the way to go.  Push the stick very slightly and slowly -- this is actually a lot harder to do than it sounds! Remember, it's better to push it again a second time to get what you need (if the first input wasn't enough) than to overdo the first input then push back the opposite way because the first was too much.  Pushing the sticks hard makes the drone/camera lurch, then you have to "undo" some of that by lurching back, it's easy to get stuck in plus then minus, whether that's left/right or up/down.  That's over-controlling.  Slow and gentle is better (like a lot of things in life...).

The second bit of advice is also easy and should be pretty obvious: Practice.  Flying anything (and doing it well) is not easy, and is a skill that only comes with practice -- probably a LOT more practice than most new drone owners expect.  I think may people open the box, hook everything up, fire up the drone, and zoom away, expecting to be an "ace" pilot immediately.  That's just not realstic, it takes time and practice to get good at anything.

Hope that is helpful.

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