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M300 Smart Controller Remote Screen - Wireless
1764 0 2022-2-4
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I'm going to be flying a search mission where we'd like to have several people able to see the flight screen in real time, and i don't have any kind of HDMI screen that can be powered remotely.
I stumbled onto something that seems to work quite well.
My particular application is to be able to see the live image from a P1 on an nearby Android tablet, but as I understand it would work to anything IOS or Windows.

You load a free app named ApowerMirror onto both the device you want to see the flight screen on and the DJI Smart Controller. I have never set up the whole Google PlayStore system on my Smart Controller, so I just downloaded the APK, which installed without any problems.

The connection can either be a shared Wifi signal or USB connection.

I set up my Android tablet as a "Mobile Hotspot", set the Smart Controller to that Wifi signal, and everything worked the first time. Assuming the tablet has an internect connection, the Smart Controller would be able to use that as required.

As I understand, if you want to use the USB connection, you have to set both devices in "Developer Mode", then enable "USB Debug" on both devices, but I haven't tried that yet.

When connected, there is very little display lag, the same resolution on the tablet as on the Smart Controller, and with Mobile Hotspot, no wires.

There will undoubtedly by some of the Smart Controllers processing power used to send the screen continuously, but no delays that I can see without actually having flown yet.

Assuming the tablet is connected to the internet, this cpability could be used to livestream the Smart Controller screen in reaal time with no equipment other than the tablet or a cell phone.

Very sorry if this is already common knowledge, but it's a first for me.

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