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This is a thank you to DJI.
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On Sunday, Aug 2, at about 5PM, I ordered a new Camera and gimbal for my injured P3 Professional. I gave the order to DJI, they seemed to be the right place to buy it.
I was amazed when on August 4, I received notice that the camera was shipped from China, or rather delivered to FedEx in China.
The next day the camera was delivered to somewhere in Hong Kong, and was put on a plane to the states.
On Aug 7th, at 12 noon, the camera was delivered to my house in Massachusetts!
Now that is service to be proud of.
Thank you DJI, great service, it has made me very happy!!!

On another subject, I up-graded my two P3P birds today to the new firmware. Did both remotes too, and guess what...... No hiccups. Hot dog. Company kept me from flying this evening, so I am anxious to see if all is well with the new whose-a-whatchets that they have added to the quads.
I did not succeed in using the App to up-grade the remotes, but my USB card reader did the trick for each one.
One of the birds was back at 1.9 and the other was at 2.1 (You know what I mean by that) and they both up-graded no problem.

So again thank you DJI. You have a happy camper here on Cape Cod.
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it is good to see people thanking DJI instead of non stop ragging on them, mostlu due to users own fault.
i do agree that their technical help chat on line should be better and not hang up on people!!!
altogether though, i am very happy also with both p3 i have. i have a very short temper so i dont call for tech support!!! i read the forum and youtube. but thanks DJI
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I agree! Have found answers to any questions I had about the Phantom in the forum. Just takes a little digging sometimes. Categories would really be a help...hint..hint!
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Sadly we have to get excited when DJI does what everyone does and ships orders in a timely fashion.
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