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Where is Altitude Shown in later Playback on Device?
591 1 2015-8-12
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United States

Where is current altitude shown on the screen when reviewing your flights on the map layer?

When I go to the User area and click on a flight, the animation shows distance and MAX altitude, but is there a place revealing the altitude at a given point in the playback? Where is that? I know it is in log files, but is it revealed somewhere on the animated playback as well?

I PROMISE, the threads were searched thoroughly before posting my apologies if it is here somewhere in this vast forum.  Seems a shame that nobody has written a comprehensive manual on the Pilot and GO App features....maybe someday? Of course, this forum would then become about 1/4 its current size - there would not be so very many questions.


Phantom 3 Advanced
300A Controller
Samsung Tab Pro 8.4 (Android 4.4.2) with WiFi and GPS only
Pilot App 1.2.0 (at the moment, because it works fine)
Firmware 1.3.20

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DJI team

Hong Kong

well, that's all about the difference between IOS and android. on ios device you can see current altitude, distance, velocity speed, battery level and flight mode, while on android device all you get is flight total time, flight total distance  and max height.
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