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What to Do If My DJI Drone Flew Away
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If you’ve ever experienced a drone uncontrollably flying off into the sunset, you will know too well how this makes a pilot feel.

Fortunately, most of the incidents are preventable if you follow some simple and straightforward guidelines. Please click “Tips for your flight safety~” and help you prevent flyaway from happening.

However, the unexpected can happen at any time. If you are faced with such a situation, what should you do?

Following the steps below give you a good chance of recovering your drone.
In the first place. you should know about the following process after flyaway occurs.

In this article, I will be explaining them in detail and covering how to synchronize flight records and create a flyaway case.

How do you find a drone that flew away?

Searching the drone is the first step in the efforts to retrieve your flyaway drone. Most pilots search for their drone in that last known location. Be sure to be careful and remain calm. If the aircraft is lost in a dangerous environment such as sea, mountain or cliff, etc., safety is always the first!

The “Find My Drone” feature on the app may be the first choice to help you get the opportunity to retrieve your drone.

If using with DJI Fly, please click ↓
How to Use the Find My Drone Feature in the DJI Fly App?

If using with DJI GO 4, please click ↓
How to Use the Find My Drone Feature in the DJI GO 4 App?

If DJI FPV or DJI Avata is flown away, please synchronize flight records in the goggles to DJI Fly first:
Connect DJI Goggles 2 or DJI FPV Goggles V2 to DJI Fly, go to “Profile” on the home page and tap “More”. At this time, a “Sync flight data to the cloud automatically over Wi-Fi and view it on other devices.” prompt will be displayed at the upper left corner. Tap to enable it and “Synchronizing flight records from goggles to your local device. x% complete” will be shown. Then the flight records in the goggles can be viewed after synchronizing.

Besides, you can find a flyaway drone by checking its last known coordinates.
This will give you the flyaway drone’s exact location or, at least, vastly narrow down the area you need to search.

How to check the last known coordinates?
DJI Fly: Go to “Profile” on the home page and tap “Find My Drone”. Then the coordinates where the drone was last connected can be found at the lower left corner.
how to find coodinates in DJI Fly app.png

DJI GO 4: Tap “Me”, “Flight Records” and enter the corresponding flight record. The latitude and longitude can be found in the upper left corner of the playback bar. Pull the progress bar to the end and the last known location can be found.
how to find coodinates in DJI GO 4 app.png

Then you can enter latitude and longitude coordinates in Google Earth or other map to locate your drone.

You will find that understanding how to read the flight record will be helpful for finding your drone.
Check How to check the flight record DJI Fly & DJI GO 4

If you find or retrieve your drone while the drone is damaged, please submit Online Repair Request and send the drone back to DJI for diagnosis to avoid unnecessary danger on the next flight.

But most of all, if you lose your DJI drone, don’t panic. Please refer to the following steps and contact DJI Support for assistance.

Synchronize Flight Records

If you have experienced a flyaway, we recommend that you sync the flight record in case DJI may have to access to your flight records to determine what happened with the drone. Please refer to the following tutorials to learn how to synchronize flight records.
Click→ How to Sync Flight Records in DJI Fly/DJI GO 4? (iOS/Android)

Tips: In some cases, more information such as flight record files, cached videos, etc. may be required to further locate the issue. If necessary, our technical support will contact you to follow up your case for details after the flyaway case is created.

Contact DJI Support & Create a Flyaway Case

Once flight records are synchronized, you can report a flyaway case via Flyaway Reporting or contact DJI Support to create a flyaway case.

Method 1: Flyaway Reporting Service
Flyaway reporting service is now available in many countries and regions for some products. Please click here to report a flyaway case, or visit DJI official website, go to Support, then click the “Support” button, scroll down the page to find Flyaway Reporting and click “Report Now”.

If DJI Care Refresh is purchased and bound, as well as flyaway replacement service can be provided, you can simply choose to use flyaway coverage when reporting a flyaway case and obtain a replacement product. After the case is created, please produce a DJI Care Flyaway Aircraft Report.
Click→ How to Produce a DJI Care Flyaway Aircraft Report?
Producing a DJI Care Flyaway Aircraft Report in advance can double the efficiency of applying flyaway replacement service.

In order to use Flyaway Coverage, your DJI account and remote controller must be bound with the drone using the app. If this binding operation has not been completed prior to experiencing a flyaway incident, Flyaway Coverage cannot be used.
It is recommended to carry out the binding operation after DJI Care Refresh activation, tap here for the binding guides.
To learn more about Flyaway Replacement Service, click this link.

Our technical support will contact you in about 1-2 working days after your flyaway case is created.

If flyaway reporting service is not supported in your country or region, or your drone is not covered by the service, please refer to method 2 and contact DJI Support to create a flyaway case.

Method 2: Contacting DJI Support to Create a Case
Contact DJI Support at this page and get technical help via chat or email to create a flyaway case.
It is more efficient to prepare the following information in advance:
- Serial Number of the Product:  
- App Account:
- Date and Time of the Incident:
- Flyaway Location:
- Description of the Incident:  

Before a flyaway case is reported and solved, you should not delete the app or clean up the app data. Otherwise, the case processing and solution may be affected due to data loss.
Once the flyaway case is created, our technical support will follow up the case till the case is ended.

Although flyaway still happens and is not a nice experience for pilots, thankfully, there are a handful of different ways that you can prevent flyaway or retrieve your drone. We genuinely hope that you never have to go through such an experience.

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can I download the video cache files from the remote control Mini3 Pro? I lsot the mini 3 pro and the cached files are better as nothing :-)
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