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Inspire 1 module?
562 1 2015-8-25
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Friend has an insipre 1 remote that he can't use.  Is the module on the back of that remote the same at the "part 54" upgrade for the phantom 3;s?

IE:  Can I just swap the modules so I can have HDMI out?    BTW,  using his remote is not an option.... just the module.

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United States

Don't know for sure but I am using an Inspire 1 remote with my P3A and it works just fine. I know the board is the same but I do believe the software decoder on the HDMI chip is not the same it has Inspire firmware and I don't know if it would work in a P3 remote you should try no harm in trying if it does not work just put your USB board back in. Why is using the Inspire remote not an option taking the HDMI board out of it makes it useless and not worth anything if it's sold. If you would use the Inspire radio you would not only get the HDMI but the Inspire remote also has GPS.
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