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Big Firmware Updates, Make your Mavic 3 Better
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DJI R&D Squad


  • DJI Fly App iOS: v1.11.4
  • DJI Fly App Android: v1.11.4

【Vision Assit】
By using the fisheye vision head of the fuselage to provide black and white visual images in the four directions of front, rear, left and right, assisting in observing obstacles in the blind area of ​​flight, and improving the safety

【AR Functions】
Supported AR Home Point, AR Return-to-Home Route, and AR Aircraft Shadow. The AR Home Point can be displayed on the flight interface, allowing you to see the home point location more intuitively and helping you complete the final step of safe flight.

【Frame Guide】
It can be turned on in the DJI Fly app. Once turned on, a shadow mask will be added to the screen image to help you better compose your shot

Can't wait to update it! Just Come and update your firmware to have better flight experiene, make your Mavic 3 better
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9-8 01:23
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That's a huge update.  
9-8 03:17
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Great update but what about SDK to use 3rd party apps such as Dronelink?  

9-8 04:12
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It's a good update. I like the home AR, makes it easier to get back. You can also swipe the radar to get to different modes such as vision assist.
9-8 21:07
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9-18 04:47
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Why is Vision Assit not enabled on Enterprise series? Its a much needed function there, so people can see in front of them during mapping missions.
9-19 00:06
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Dear DJI,
I had a problem with DJI RC PRO controller. My screen was freeze two times. I'm really afraid to fly after this incident.
I have the latest software in DJI RC PRO and the M3P drone. Also lastest DJI FLY app. Once I had full range and the screen froze.
Sometimes, when the range is weaker, you cannot change the camera settings or switch between them.

9-19 01:09
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DJI Tony


Dym0 Posted at 9-19 01:09
Dear DJI,
I had a problem with DJI RC PRO controller. My screen was freeze two times. I'm really afraid to fly after this incident.
I have the latest software in DJI RC PRO and the M3P drone. Also lastest DJI FLY app. Once I had full range and the screen froze.

Hello there. Sorry about the trouble. To ensure flight safety, check the notes below when flying:
1. Check whether the aircraft’s flight distance has exceeded the maximum transmission distance of the remote controller signal (it is normal that the image transmission freezes when the maximum transmission distance of the remote controller is exceeded).
2. Check the remote controller antenna position.

3. Check whether there is significant interference in the flight environment. Turn on the Image Transmission Settings to check real-time channel quality. If the interference is significant, we recommend changing the flight environment).
4. Check whether the channel selection is set to Auto in the image transmission settings of the corresponding app (Set the channel selection to “Auto”, and if the interference is still high, recommend changing the flight environment.)
5. Check whether the device is too hot. Cool it for a while before the flight. For most mobile devices, when the temperature rises to a certain threshold value, it will automatically decelerate the data processing speed.
6. Check whether the original video in the microSD card also has a freezing issue (If it is, send the product to a DJI Repair Service Center for repair).
Please keep us posted if you need further assistance. Have a great day ahead.
9-19 01:35
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HD Pilot
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United States

Any plans on updating the firmware on the Marice 30T?
•        Improve IR image definitions (sharpen images) and sensitivity.
•        Improve Object Identification and tracking. Not as sensitive on seeing all similar objects that are in the same FOV of the camera. The M30 is not capable of identify and selecting. people and animals. The object identification seems to see rectangular objects only.
•        Object recognition cannot differentiate people and vehicles. Doesn't see all vehicles in the view as objects to lock on.
•        Improve distance following. The object tracking drops off or gets confused at certain distances.
•        Object recognition and tracking in IR mode.
•        Problems transferring images from the Drone to Controller. The Quick Transfer feature would help. The current transfer capabilities often corrupts the files and makes the images unusable. Transfer of mapping and grid images can only be transferred by removing the Micro SD card.
9-19 08:44
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