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First thoughts on the latest upgrade
755 3 2015-9-8
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United Kingdom

Hi all,

Just thought I would give my first impressions of the latest upgrade after taking the P3Pro out for a flight a couple of hours ago.

Last night the upgrade went perfectly smoothly. After recalibrating the IMU I tried the new features (except 'follow me') on the flight simulator and things went well.

This afternoon I did a couple of 'POI' flights - the bird flew flawlessly and I now have a couple of videos to examine (one in 4K and one in 1080P). I have to admit that I was a bit wary of a possible fly-away but no, all went well.

Next I did a couple of 'waypoint' flights. This is were I became aware of a couple of differences between this 'waypoint' version and that on my old (now sold) P2V+. As mentioned in other posts, you now have to fly the route and add each individual waypoint as you fly, then, once completed, the app and the bird take over. This is different to the P2V+ method which was plotted on the map and the height of each waypoint manually inserted. I assume that the latest method is to ensure that the flight can be conducted safely and successfully without recourse to guessing the heights of objects on the bird's path.
The other difference was the way in which the P3Pro actually flies the identified path. In the P2V+ it was clearly very calculated and at each waypoint the bird stopped and turned onto the path before continuing resulting in a rather stop-start flight. In the P3Pro the bird does not stop at each waypoint and appears to 'cut the corner' and each one resulting in a much smoother, fluid result.

The 'course lock' and 'home lock' flights were equally very smooth and accurate.

I have yet to try the 'follow me' aspect yet - as it is the least appealing to my particular needs but overall I am very, very pleased with this upgrade and the increased functionality it brings.

Safe flying folks.
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Thanks for sharing, here are my experiences on the update:

Updated the quad and batteries to 1.4 and the rc to 1.32. No issues on updating. Calibrated IMU.
Removed the old Pilot App and Dji folders and installed the new Go App on my Sony Xperia Z tablet. Update went smoothly.

Went to my favourite spot to try it all out. Tried out the POI for a couple of circles, very nice. I love that you can adjust the altitude, distance and speed while doing the circle. Good stability.

However, sometimes the POI mission failed to start, wonder why?

The video feed was quite laggy and low quality compared to before the update (smooth and trusty to 2000 metres+ with 1.19 and old Pilot App).

Well, with this I could probably live with, but at some point the video connection blacked out totally, without warning. The quad was at a distance of 500 metres at this point. I could still see it slowly doing its assigned POI circle, and stopping when I switched to P mode. Flew it straight home, so rc connection was ok, just no video. Video feed did not resume even if I let it hover close to me for a while. This never happened to me before, with 70 flights done.

K-index ( was around 2-3, so this should not be a factor.

Downloaded the old Pilot App so I can revert back to the old setup. What would you folks suggest?

Finally, thank you all for a great forum!

Updated: K-index readings from yesterday.
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South Africa

Have you tried to plot the waypoints using the simulator, then flying it in real time with the copter?
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United States

Congrats on having no problems with the update, I think this is the first thread I've read that everything actually worked after updating. I've actually been researching the P3 to buy one but with all the negative feedback from the update and the fact that the app doesn't seem to work on many Android devices I've been reluctant to spend the money till its all worked out. What's your secret? lol
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