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5 GPS satellites at the most - only atti possible
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NO GPS FIX can you help me, please?
Fellow M600Pro pilots and DJI support team, happy new year!!

One of my Matrice 600 Pros does not acquire satellites. At the most, I get 5 satellites. I have tried:
  • in open field
  • placing the drone 2 meters above the ground
  • flying in atti mode higher up, let´s say 15 meters above the ground
  • waiting long (30 minutes)

None of the above results in more satellites. All systems are normal:
  • IMUs calibrated and normal
  • Compass calibrated and normal
  • M600Pro firmware V1.00.01.67
  • Lightbridge 2 Air unit firmware V1.1.81
  • Ground Controller firmware V1.2.52
  • The GPS analyzer app on my iPhone SE shows 12 or more satellites

No matter which MC/IMU1/IMU2 I prioritize or use in the DJI Go app, I do not get a GPS fix beyond 5 satellites.

What is not normal: DJI Assistant shows GPS1 and GPS3 as normal. However it shows GPS2 during 3 seconds normal then 2 seconds greyed out and this is continuous. However with the other two GPS antennas the drone should still get a GPS fix.
So I do get 4 or 5 satellites... Just never 6 or more so I can only fly my Matrice 600 Pro in atti mode.

Do you have any clue?
Thanks in advance!!
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Use props
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