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Aerial Gimbal FAQs
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1. Does the gimbal H3-2D/3D support Gopro2 camera?
H3-2D/3D does not support Gopro 2. Currently, we don’t have any gimbal that support Gopro 2
The current supported cameras areGopro3 、 Gopro3+ , black and silver version.

2.The GOPRO stopped recording duringthe flight when used on H3-2D.
Issue description: The camera stoppedrecording during the flight sometimes.
Analysis: There may be 2 causes:
a: The camera falls into overheatprotection.
b: The SD Card is full or defect.

3.H3-2D/3D gimbal slant to one sideduring flight
UAV flying with fierce motion will causeH3-2D gimbal slant and unable to recover its position except power cycle.
Gimbal IMU version 1.2 has a self-protectfunction that during the flight, the gimbal would turn into sleep mode whensuffering a certain level of force. And power off and on again is the only wayto wake it up. Update the firmware to latest version might solve this issue.
Another cause could be the Roll axes agedduring long-time usage. This might require a factory repair.

4.Do I still need to calibrate when I receive the gimbal?
No, you do not need do any calibrating, just install the camera and it’s ready to work.

5.Can I be free to change the camera and lens at will?
You can’t, each gimbal has been calibrated with the exact type of camera and lens. Pleaes call local DJI Zenmuse authorized dealers or DJI headquarter.

6.Can the Zenmuse Gimbal work alone?
No, it must work together with DJI Naza-M or DJI WooKong-M autopilot systems.

7.Will the gimbal charge the GoPro? And when charge is full, will it stop automatically?
Yes the gimbal will charge for the GoPro camera and it will not automatically stop charging. The camera itself will determine whether continue to charge or not.

8.The base board of the gimbal is getting hot after using the equipment for a while.
This is normal. There is a built-in circuit board which will get hot when it is working.

9.The gimbal is not balanced after I power on?
Balance calibration is needed, please contact your dealer for repair.

10.Can I control the pitch and roll of the gimbal?
Currently can only control pitch.

11.Can the H3-2D/3D gimbal be installed on Phantom 1?

12.Why my Windows 7 OS cannot install the assistant software driver successfully?
Some of the users who use WINDOWS 7 operating system may not have the usbser.sys file, please download this file and put it into C: \\ WINDOWS \\ system32 \\ drivers, and then reinstall the driver. Download the usbser.sys file.

Source: Gimbal FAQs
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Hello, can I eliminate Go Pro Charging? and use only GoPro Battery?
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Hi, Diego,
No and you don't have to. It will stop charging when Gopro is full. It won't eat up much of  your battery juice, anyway. You won't feel the difference.
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United States

DJI-Terry Posted at 2014-10-16 16:22
Hi, Diego,
No and you don't have to. It will stop charging when Gopro is full. It won't eat up much  ...

I just bought a P2 with a 3d gimbal. Will it work with a go pro 4?
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